News and Analysis (10/29/12)

The depleted-uranium-doped armor-piercing bullets the US used in the first Gulf War is only one of the factors suspected to  lie behind the “tales of inexplicable sickness and deformities have abounded in Iraq….” A new study suggests that “in 2011, a child born in Basra was 27 times more likely to suffer from a birth defect than 16 years earlier”:

“It’s not easy to inherit a country with no state institutions, with no constitution, no army, no functioning security apparatus…. It’s almost like a vacuum”:

“Even after police arrived, Larson continued making bigoted comments about the driver, an immigrant from India. According to police, Larson referred to him derisively as Iranian and Iraqi, and used several anti-Arab slurs before also using an anti-gay slur”:

Your school tax dollars at work: The mother of one of the students reported that Linda “White told her students that president should not be re-elected because he’s Muslim, WJTV reports. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, however, should be elected to office because he’s ‘a good Christian””:

“The authorities are not solving the problem and soldiers are not defending us” — Kyaw Myint, “a Muslim man who took refuge at Thechaung camp outside Sittwe. He fled his home in nearby Pauktaw when it was torched Wednesday”:

“Syrian authorities blame ‘terrorists’ for breaking the truce and the opposition says a ceasefire is impossible while Assad moves tanks and uses artillery and jets against populated areas” …

… “110 people were killed on Sunday alone. Of those, 39 were civilians, 34 armed opposition fighters and 35 members of the state security forces” according to the UK-basaed  Syrian Observatory for Human Rights …
… but one “ hospital put aside sorrow and weariness to celebrate the wedding of two of its staff”:

“Majorities of women in virtually every country we surveyed say that women deserve the same legal rights as men, to vote without influence from family members, to work at any job they are qualified for, and even to serve in the highest levels of government”:

“Alhaji Bello Sa’eed … explained that Nigerians should realize that God is one and as such, ‘we should stop being at each others’ throats at every slight provocation’ … [and] Farida Abubakar … blamed violence in the country on the lack of fear of God”:






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