News and Analysis (11/16/12)

As the American media lies about the sequence of events that lead to Israel’s breaking of the effective truce to resume its massacres in Gaza where “two days of Israeli air strikes have killed 19 Palestinians, including seven militants and 12 civilians, among them six children and a pregnant woman. A Hamas rocket killed three Israelis” …

The Israelis launched their attack shortly after the US elections and shortly before the US was about to swear in a president at the inauguration in January and just before Israeli elections were scheduled as well. So there is no question that it has everything to do with Israeli politics”–Phyllis Bennis, director of the Institute for Policy Studies:

“I say, we are children. There is nothing that is our fault to have to face this. They are occupying us and I will say, as Abu Omar said, “If you’re a mountain, the wind won’t shake you”. We’re not afraid, we’ll stay strong”:

Rejecting the shop’s “offer …to find a barber to cut her hair,” McGregor insists the government must force the Muslim barber to cut her hair in contravention of his religiously-motivated objection to touching a female stranger:
“Some members of the Muslim community accuse the Ethiopian Government of controlling the Majlis and sponsoring the propagation of Al-Ahbash” an especially intolerant Muslim group notorious for branding other Muslims disbelievers:
The release of Lebanese-born Ali Mussa Daqduq also underscored how little influence Washington holds over Baghdad’s government since American troops left the country last December:

The protests began over fuel subsidies, but some sources “agree that the forthcoming elections are designed to turn the economic issue into a political one, and link it to the Syrian situation and the internal Palestinian conflict.

“It is astounding to find that one of the handful of prospects being floated to become CIA director following the fall of General David Petraeus is a person reportedly implicated in a 2005 Israeli spy scandal”:

“I think it’s important for people to know: What is their philosophy? Is it non-judgmental? People who are calling are already very hard on themselves”–Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women:


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