News and Analysis (11/29/12)

By the controversial move to rush to a vote on the draft constitution today, putting the draft before a public vote within 15 days, the constituent assembly hopes to finesse both judiciary attempts to dissolve the body and Mursi’s polarizing decree immunizing himself from judicial review:

… but a move temporarily “[g]ranting the Shura Council legislative power could cause a backlash on the street”:

“I didn’t know that I was breaking the law when I went to the gun range,” he pleads, but prosecuted after blowing the whistle on FBI attempts to recruit him for terrorism, he could land in prison for up to 10 years on an unrelated gun charge, even if “the court discounts most of his prior convictions” and “he could face a minimum of 15 years” otherwise:

CAIR’s “Ibrahim Hooper said it was unacceptable for the Cedar Rapids-based company to be crippled by the seizure of operating funds without being charged with a crime or formally told what the government is investigating”:

Journalists Without Borders accuse Israel of having deliberately targeted journalists and buildings housing “the offices of al-Arabiya, Agence France Presse, the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, and Russia Today, among others”:

“While the US and Israel have strongly opposed the move, and the UK has said it will abstain from the vote unless Mr. Abbas promises not to use his new status to bring war crime allegations against Israel in front of the International Criminal Court, there appear to be more than enough votes in the UN General Assembly for the motion”:

“The ruling puts it in conflict with European Union rules that allow the practice on the grounds of religious freedom”:

“America’s roughly 2.6 million Muslims are a tiny fraction of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, but they took 41 spots on the 500 list”:

“While Bosnian immigrants are not sure if they will live to see their former homeland thrive, many are confident that their children will also demand that their parents’ and grandparents’ suffering won’t be forgotten”:
“[P]ublic condemnations of terrorism by Muslims have received little media attention, but organizations spreading negative messages continue to stoke public fears that Muslims are secretly plotting to overthrow the U.S. government”:

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