News and Analysis (2/2/20)

Not as well known as Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, this Muslim plays a leading role in the most-watched event and largest spectacle in American culture:

Rashid Khalid reveals historical root for Trump’s one-sided peace plan, and the essence of the conflict:

The Kushner plan violates all norms and is doomed to fail …

.. yet, a policy adviser for  the Palestinian Policy Network hopes it will bring about “a paradigm shift in Palestinian political thinking towards a long-term struggle for equal rights for all within the framework of one state”:

“All of the newly named countries except Myanmar have Muslim populations of 35 percent or more” :

Protesters against military institutions siding with repressive regimes are moved to risk going to the street to oppose despotism regimes backed by “imperialist” powers:

“Iranians must have the ‘right to choose’ between different political factions at polls,” President Rouhani said of the controversy over the disqualification of thousands of candidates in upcoming election”:

Al-Sistani condemns the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators, calling for fair government election:

“The killing of Qassem Soleimani upended expectations in useful ways, but the U.S. isn’t in a position to capitalize on the turmoil”:

The member of the Iowa House and Muslim Caucus of America cited “Sanders’s willingness to ‘go against the tribe’ to ‘stand up for justice’ … among the traits that earned his and the caucus’s endorsement”:

Mossad took the initiative to deescalate tensions and avoid war seriously, but Netanyahu’s national security adviser convinced him that its purpose “was to give cover to the Iranians and the Americans who cheated us” …

… but the EU will meet …

… although the Saudis won’t let Iran participate in in the OIC discussions of the Kushner plan:






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