News and Analysis (11/7/08 – 10/8/08)

Detention power used in the Marri case is called “unconstitutional and dangerous, raising the possibility that the government could one day snatch anyone off the street, even a political opponent, and lock him up without a trial:”

Although an unusually quick public response, US stopped short of accepting full blame:

AL’ AMERICA examines the connections between Islamic and Arab traditions and American culture:

Delays continue on $180 million project to intended to bring jobs and electricity to troubled region:

The celebration of birthdays remain controversial in Saudi society:

U.S. forces hope to build confidence in Iraqi security forces by mentoring and training troops, and by mounting public-relations campaigns:

The latest issue published on Saturday carried the editorial “Why does Iran not have an Obama?”


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  1. there are times that good public relations cannot be always achieved ,,.

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