News and Analysis (1/4/13)

“Wary of further alienating a once-promising conservative constituency, mainstream Republican leaders have sought, publicly and behind closed doors, to distance themselves from the loudest of the Muslim-bashers in their midst”:

It is not clear whether the the Islamophobic Clarion Fund, the Iranian propaganda outlet PressTV , or a secular Syrian partisan is responsible for the fabrication of the libelous claim of an outrageous “fatwa” by a popular Saudi sheikh, but it is clear that Salon and alternet allowed themselves to be duped into helping the libelous meme go viral …

… meanwhile, an Israeli web site believed to have Mossad connections circulates rumors to the effect that Hilary Clinton’s surprisingly long hospitalization was not due to a fall from the flu, but is the more serious consequence of an airplane crash while on a secret mission to Iran tied to the unexplained death of a SEAL Commander:

“[T]he leader of Hezbollah, openly urged the Lebanese government on Thursday to take a more active role in finding a political solution to the civil war in neighboring Syria and to open its border to refugees to avert further bloodshed”:

“Some denounced the Brotherhood for trying to put up a veneer of tolerance by inviting Jews to return while Egypt’s other religious minorities, particularly Christians, are increasingly worried about persecution under the new Islamist rulers and an Islamist-slanted constitution. Others saw the comments as a sort of outreach to Zionists”:

Now that she has been discharged her father’s appointment as education attache at the Consulate of Pakistan will allow her to love with her family while receiving outpatient treatment at a Birmingham hospital:

“Officials in the emirates, which had close relations with Mr. Mubarak’s government, have leveled steady criticism at the Brotherhood, accusing it of “exporting” the revolution”:

“Rami Jarrah, a Syrian anti-regime activist now living in Cairo, is launching Syria’s first non-state-run news outlet to provide something he sees as sorely missing: objective reporting”:

“The uniform policy on the school website requires girls to wear a dark blue coat, an optional blazer, a skirt, white blouse and a navy blue pullover, but it does not mention a ban on headscarves”:

“Mr. Nazir, who survived a suicide attack in November reputedly organized by rival Taliban commanders, was considered to be pro-government” targeting foreign soldiers. “With his killing, however, some analysts say his successor and followers may now turn their guns on civilian and military targets within Pakistan”:

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