News and Analysis 7/10/21

A Palestinian imprisoned through Israel’s “administrative detention policy” used to arrest and hold Palestinians “without filing formal charges”, is hospitalized on the 65th day of his hunger strike:

Israel destroyed the home of a woman and her three children after rejecting her petition”:

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that “379 protestors were wounded – 31 by live ammunition” after Israeli forces opened fire on “hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators” who were rallying “against the illegal Evyatar outpost”:

Israel has begun testing AI-guided drones on the Palestinian populace, with clear disregard for human life as well as the immense risk involved. “A single pixel can change a stealth bomber into a dog … [and] errors may mean dead civilians or friendly soldiers, and accidental conflict escalation”:

According to a press release from the Independent Commission for Human Rights, Farid al-Atrash was detained at an Israeli checkpoint “while returning from a protest against the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah”:

Iran’s railroad system came under cyberattack on Friday, with hackers “posting fake messages about train delays or cancellations” on display boards at stations across the country:

Amidst the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after nearly two decades of fighting, the Taliban on Friday claimed “to have taken control of 85 percent of Afghan territory”:

Muslim women in India were traumatized after finding their “names and photographs” up for auction on a mobile app:

The watermelon colors provide a proxy for the prohibited Palestinian flag:

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