News and Analysis 2/4/22

Under Biden, those who were denied entry during the ban have to apply all over again, even if they were previously approved for admission, even “diversity visa lottery winners [who] had gone to great financial risks, including quitting jobs and going into debt, in order to apply” …

… and “six members of the proposed 35-person Iran delegation did not receive visas from the U.S. State Department” to attend a wreswtling competition in Texas:

If standing up for persecuted Muslim minorities in China were an Olympic competition, Muslim-majority states “wouldn’t make the podium at all”:

“Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr condemned the attack …, saying some ‘terrorist outlaws’ have dragged Iraq into a ‘dangerous regional war’ by targeting a Gulf state.” He favors ending both the Yemen war and normalization of ties with Israel, but denounced violent means:

“The International Vishwa Hindu Parishad has threatened that if any “private luxury bus operator halts his bus on a dhaba run by Muslims would have to face the consequences”:

The crackdown on Kashmiri journalists continues with the arrest of the winner of the 2021 “Human Rights Press Award”:

By her focus on indigenous European Muslims, Greble shows Muslim leadership to be “a defining entity that shaped the European citizenship project by refashioning both imperial secular norms, as well as Islamic jurisprudential rulings to suit their unique context”:

Having already extended his four-year term to 17 years, thge 84-year-old “Abbas is planning to use the PLO’s upcoming Central Council meeting to expand the lifespan of his illegitimate regime”:

The Karnataka Opposition leader says, “The college principal standing near the gate in Udupi and denying entry to girls was an inhuman act”:

“Two high school students were wounded by bullet shrapnel after PA officer in plainclothes shot at their sit-in”:






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