News and Analysis (2/4/13)

The beaten man said police coerced him into blaming the protesters; Mursi has called for an inquiry:

“Israel received a ‘green light’ from the United States to carry out further attacks in the future” …

… but “the exiled leadership back in Cairo” are unhappy with SNC leader Moaz Alkhatib for “saying he would be willing to talk to representatives of the Assad regime on condition they release 150,000 prisoners and issue passports to the tens of thousands of displaced people who have fled to neighboring countries but do not have documents”:

“A Milan appeals court … vacated acquittals for a former CIA station chief and two other Americans, and … convicted them in the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian terror suspect from a Milan street as part of the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program” so now “all 26 Americans tried in absentia for the abduction now have been found guilty”:

“The lawyers said the NYPD’s actions violate rules, known as the Handschu guidelines, that a court had imposed as part of a 1985 landmark settlement with the NYPD to a lawsuit they filed”:

“[T]here have been conflicting reports about the documents in Timbuktu, some of which date back to the 10th Century. However, the majority of the manuscripts in the new South African-funded institute appear to have been protected”:

In its continuing vontempt for rile of law and democracy, Israel;s latest round of early morning arrests includes an official “in charge of reconciliation talks between Hamas and its rival, the secular Fatah, according to the Hamas officials”:

Karzai is “unclear if western forces were leaving Afghanistan because they felt they had achieved the aim of making their own countries more secure by tackling international terror groups – or because they had realised the mission was mistaken” and “the greatest long-term threat to the country was not the insurgents but meddling by foreign powers”:

“The Tamil Nadu government had banned Hassan’s film ‘Vishwaroopam’ in the state following protests from several Muslim groups objecting to the film’s portrayal of Islam. Indian media reports say Hassan and Muslim leaders reached an agreement Saturday after more than five hours of talks”:

The US VP and the Iranian foreign minister both welcome direct talks to end the impasse on Iran’s nuclear program, but both doubt the other side is serious:

The Muslim Vietnam War draft resister who was once the most loved athlete in the world may be near death:


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