News and Analysis (2/6/13)

“The timing of the leak appeared aimed at intensifying pressure on the White House to disclose more-detailed legal memos that the paper summarizes — and at putting Brennan, Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, on the defensive for his appearance on Capitol Hill”:

“The murder of Belaid is a political assassination and the assassination of the Tunisian revolution. By killing him they wanted to silence his voice” — Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali:

“In 1985, the NYPD agreed to a set of rules … promising to spy only when it had information of criminal activity, and only after it had vetted its surveillance operations with an overseer” and “also forswore the use of infiltrators. But … after Sept. 11, the NYPD” decided they couldn’t “live with that, it’s too restrictive'”:

Following its military strike on Syria, Israel takes advantage of Bulgaria’s suspicions (for which no reasons were disclosed) of Hezbollah involvement in last year’s suicide bombing in Burgas to marginalize another Iranian ally:

Ending Animosity between the two countries is a no-brainer for Iran, but Egypt must weight the costs against the benefits …

… while back at home Ahmadinejad’s attack on the Larijani clan is followed by the arrest and then release of a close ally:

As with the Egyptian girl “credited with co-founding the April 6 Youth Movement and igniting the Egyptian protests by stating, ‘If you think yourself a man, come with me on 25 January.’ Historically, the Muslimah played the role of protagonist in more than one screenplay of political change” …

… while in Kashimir, girls who just wanted to rock refused to be intimidated by the threats of Internet bullies, but they would rather disband than become a political football in the struggle between the quislings and the separatists:

“Chicago’s Muslim community” exhibits youth, “wealth, growth and political connectedness” and “signs of a kind of Muslim reformation …, not in any single watershed moment but in myriad significant movements that are utterly new”:

The racists “”turned on what they believe is ‘their’ team.” Is this Israel’s Jackie Robinson moment?

“[H]uge amounts of American and European money have flowed via contractors into the hands of the insurgency.” As the U.S. Afghanistan, expect much of $10 billion marked for reconstruction and military support to end up in “the hands of Afghan politicians, warlords, and politicians alike”:


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