News and Analysis 6/9/22

A U.N. commission finds Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory and discrimination against Palestinians are the key root causes of the recurrent tensions, instability and protraction of conflict in the region”:

Amnesty International says Haqiqi and his colleagues were coerced into apologizing for a video showing him laughing at a man with a speech impediment struggling to recite Qur’an “ina comical voice”:

International pressure has pushed the BJP propaganda machine into high gear:

“PayPal operates in Israel’s illegal settlements – but is refusing to provide service to Palestinians in Gaza and [the] West Bank, in direct violation of UN guidelines”:

“This is one story of one girl. We cannot represent all two billion Muslims and South Asians, but this is definitely a good start”:

Accused of presenting early Muslim caliphs as terrorists, the film’s producer denies that any Muslim consensus against depicting the Prophet:

American airstrikes to defend Yazidis and Shia besieged by ISIS came at a price:

“Videos from an Uttar Pradesh village show locals slapping and harassing three Muslim fakirs (ascetics) who were begging for alms”:

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