News and Analysis (2/7/13)

How do you attack free speech by pretending to defend it? Alan Dershowitz leads a host of hypocrites in showing the way, embarrassing New York’s pro-Israeli mayor:

“Ennahda’s two secular coalition partners as well as the main opposition parties also rejected any move to a government of technocrats, demanding as well that they be consulted before any new cabinet is formed”:

“You [Americans] are pointing the gun at Iran and say either negotiate or we will shoot. The Iranian nation will not be frightened by the threats” — Ayatollah Khamenei:

“While Islamic militants have continuously refused to recognize or accept the PLO as the sole representative of the Palestinians, a change of heart is producing an opportunity not only for national reconciliation in Gaza and the West Bank, but also the rejuvenation of the PLO” …

… but can they avoid the rise of the Palestinian monarch King Mahmoud I? “Human Rights lawyer Fareed Al-Atrash said the Palestinian judiciary applied a Jordanian law that criminalizes cursing the King. Abbas’s office declined to comment”:

Add to the horror stories of disgraceful treatment of veterans this one about the US Air Force vet who can’t even fly as a passenger for reasons no one will disclose:

Iran claims video allegedly taken by the downed American drone proves that Iran was only one of the regional countries spied upon and that it is now mass producing drones to shared with its regional allies, presumably including both Syria and Hezbollah:

“‘The ICC has ordered an immediate halt to Libya’s unseemly rush to drag Mr. Al-Senussi to the gallows before the law has taken its course,’ said Ben Emmerson, Senussi’s lawyer before the ICC. Judges also ordered Libya to grant Emmerson access to his client”:

“A communique drafted by OIC foreign ministers and seen by Reuters blames Assad’s government for most of the slaughter and urges it to open talks on a political transition”:

“Deals are structured so that the bank buys into the venture with the entrepreneur, who runs the company and buys the bank out, with payments structured so that the bank is compensated for its investment. Profits and losses are shared; the overall cost tracks with a traditional loan repayment at a standard interest rate”:

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