News and Analysis (2/12/13)

After repeatedly insisting that its uranium enrichment was strictly for peaceful uses, Iran shocks the world by admitting that it has already started converting some of its uranium stockpile into — fuel …

… and softens its stand on inspections, to boot:

Ahmadinejad defiantly insists that the theocratic component of the Iranian system cannot repress the democratic component: “It was heard, some people have said they want to engineer the election…. I would say proudly that the great nation of Iran know[s] what to do, they know which path to take, and they don’t need any such groups or individuals”:

“While the idea of a judicial review of such operations may be gaining political currency, multiple U.S. officials said on Friday that imminent action by the U.S. Congress or the White House to create one is unlikely. The idea is being actively considered, however, according to a White House official”:

To some signs reading “Beitar Pure Forever” evoke “the banning of Jews from German sports clubs by the Nazis,” but o others, allowing Chechnyan Muslims to play soccer for Jerusalem is a slippery slope; they warn, “Next year they’ll bring an Arab”:

“Previously, the Grand Mufti was appointed by the president. But after the ouster of longtime president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s interim military rulers amended Al-Azhar’s bylaws”:

Government funding makes this sort of controversy inevbitable:

“Richard Prosser’s ‘stupid’ comments that young Muslim men from ‘Wogistan’ should be banned from air travel have created headlines overseas – and Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins says they could cause New Zealand ‘international embarrassment'”:

“The BJP’s sweep in a township comprising 90 percent Muslims will take [the] wind of many pseudo-secular elements”:

“Although precise figures are difficult to come by, Rohingya community leaders and business managers involved in the exodus say the number of boat migrants has climbed to several thousand each month, with two to three wooden vessels leaving area shores each night, at times loaded to almost twice their capacity”:

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