News and Analysis 11/7/22

“Pakistan will lead a bloc of more than 100 developing nations insisting on compensation for the irreversible harms of climate change” at COP27 …

… while the Egyptian government hopes the prestige of hosting the conference will distract international public opinion unjust imprisonment of their own people:

Iran insists the drones were sent to Russia before the invasion of the Ukraine, but Zelenskyy accuses them of “lying”:

The Taliban pursuit of women’s education to advance gender segregation follows the model of their mentors, the Saudis:

Israeli settlers and soldiers continue their rampage:

“237,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated … by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja in person”:

“[H]is rare comments about Islam — including a warning about Shariah law in the United States, which no group has ever proposed — have been viewed by fellow Muslims as Islamophobic signaling”:

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