News and Anaysis (2/19/13)

“As many as 4,000 women began a sit-in in Quetta, in south-west Pakistan, on Sunday evening. The blocked a road and refused to carry out the traditional ritual of burying the Hazara dead until action was taken against the bombers”:

An AP photographer at the scene says at least 15 tunnels filled with wastewater. Yousef Rizka, an adviser to Hamas’ prime minister, urged Egypt to halt “any acts against the tunnels” until official ground crossings are opened. Egypt had no comment”:

Once the tool of the secularists, the state news agency is now the tool of the Islamists. Solution? Separation of pres and state; no state media outlets:

“The report by the constitutional court on the electoral law reveals the level of professional weakness of the Shura council and the haste in which the new constitution was drawn up” — former parliament member Mostafa Naggar:

Only one of the five Muslim MPs voted against the controversial bill:

“Malian authorities are investigating claims of torture, killings and reprisals by its own soldiers against minority civilians with alleged links to Islamist militants — accusations that threaten to jeopardize international support for fighting terrorism in the Sahara”:

“Buddha statues have joined Barbie dolls and characters from The Simpsons as banned items in Iran”:

“[T]he encroachment of Western colonial powers, followed by the emergence of the Philippines and Malaysia as independent nation states, steadily eroded the sultanate’s power” and [i]t became “a sultanate without a kingdom” but “some people in the southern Philippines and [Malaysian] Sabah … still identify themselves with it” …

… while in Thailand, formerly known as Siam, which in 1909 annexed and divided into five provinces the former Sultanate of Pattani, ” resistance to Buddhist-centric rule from Bangkok went on for decades, only waning in the 1990s. As the century turned, however, the convergence of several factors served to reignite the conflict”:

“Yesterday, as the European Union voted  against easing an arms embargo on Syria, Syrian regime troops reportedly launched a missile at rebels in Aleppo” highlighting “increasing doubts about a diplomatic resolution to the nearly two-year-old conflict”:

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