News and Analysis (2/21/13)

With a second stash of covert arms and explosives seized by the National Guard, “[p]arties from across the spectrum agree broadly that a new government line-up is needed. Many including Ennahda say they want to form a broad coalition to build the next cabinet” but ambiguities over procedure pose a problem:

Egypt may have a popularly ratified constitution and an elected civilian government, but the military will not let it forget who is really in charge:

Michael Moore says the TSA greeted the world’s first Palestinian documentary Oscar nominee by turning LAX into an Israeli checkpoint:

What’s the point in banning  a film no one is coming to see? One critic asks, “How can you make a Hollywood blockbuster, put in so much money and get simple things wrong?” adding, “Instead of the film being taken seriously, it became a joke among Pakistanis”:

A lesson to overaggressive salespeople everywhere: agreeing with everything a mark says just to get his money can backfire, especially if he is an FBI agent pretending to support terrorism in order to put you in stir:

A former friend of the ringleader of the convicted group says, “Even within the extremist fold, he was extreme”:

With two children among the twelve killed in the residential neighborhood, “activists have reiterated calls – first made in the wake of an apparently accidental explosion at an arms depot in the capital last December – for military installations to be removed from Yemeni cities”:

“Palestinians have staged protests across the West Bank all week in solidarity with the 4,500 prisoners held by Israel. Four of the prisoners are staging a hunger strike and the worsening condition of one, Samer Issawi, … has drawn international attention and concerns from notables such as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon”:

The abuse of Muslim and Christian Palestinians is a regular feature of Israeli life that passes with little question, but Israel’s decision “to disappear a young Jew who had emigrated to the country and agreed to join its clandestine service” has everyone demanding answers:


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