News and Analysis (2/23/13)

As the violence continues to percolate in Mali, the U.S. decides to join the fray:

“Asking us to submit sermons in advance opens a dangerous door… Once you submit sermons to be pre-approved and monitored, it opens the doors for a university to dictate what is allowed to be talked about and what isn’t. It’s an attack on student rights, not just Muslim student rights” — student and prayer organizer Wasif Sheikh:

The bill “would interfere in the details of how NGOs operate and organize, and would tightly restrict the foreign funding that rights organizations in Egypt rely on. For the first time in history it would give a legal role to Egypt’s security apparatus in overseeing civil society organizations”:

Elbaradei, who embarrassed himself  by calling for a “No” vote on the Egyptian constitution last December, further marginalizes himself within his own movement by calling for a boycott of the Egyptian elections which Mursi has moved up to avoid a conflict with the Coptic Easter celebration:

“The overriding message of the films … is that the status quo in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unsustainable. What sets them apart from the many other films on the topic is the rarity of the voices that share the message: Israelis from the heart of the defense establishment in ‘The Gatekeepers’ and a young Palestinian boy in ‘5 Broken Cameras'” …

… meanwhile Israelis shoot a man in the stomach, a fourteen year-old in the foot and a fifteen year-old in the eye …

… and yet another Palestinian man dies in an Israeli jail reportedly of cardiac arrest during or after interrogation:

Assad has quietly sat back while Israel occupied Syrian territory. The regime that replaces him may not be so compliant:

“[M]any top Muslim leaders … have been speaking out against anti-Semitic attacks, even when carried out by fellow Muslims, and” joining Jewish leaders “in opposing anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim bigotry,” and many “French Muslims took part in interfaith demonstrations and candlelight vigils” condemning the Tolouse attack as unIslamic:

Muslims were tolerant when they ruled al-Andalusia, and now that the tables are turned, the Iberians are responding in kind:

If we are not planning to sell Iran our drones, why do we keep giving them free samples?

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