News and Analysis (2/27/13)

Both sides offer hints of flexibility, but the tougheswt issues are still unaddressed and Iran’s upcoming elections complicate matters:

“[C]harged with 12 counts of using a postal service in an offensive way and one count of using a postal service in a harassing way” the two defendants “face potential maximum prison sentences of 26 years and 16 years respectively if convicted”:

“A statement from Afghanistan’s National Security Council said that Afghans working with US forces have allegedly been ‘harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people.'”:

“More than 5,000 people have been killed in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces since an Islamic insurgency erupted in 2004”:

“Early Israeli reports said the cause of Mr. Jaradat’s death could not be determined, but Palestinian groups insist he was tortured in custody and furious protests erupted around the West Bank yesterday during his funeral”

“What I’ve really learned is that it makes no difference whether you are a man or a woman, what matters is that you do your work properly and you work hard and how seriously you take your responsibilities,” says “Afghanistan’s first and only female mayor”:

The coalition of leftist, liberal, and socialist parties announce” they would not participate in the democratic process as long as the current winners continue to hold key positions in government; somebody needs to explain democracy to these people:

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