News and Analysis (3/19/13)

As sectarian violence continues, ten years after the disastrous decision to invade Iraq, the disgraceful truth emerges of bad intelligence manufactured, good intelligence ignored, and one example of the media shills who convinced Americans that an Iraqi dictator had something to do with 9/11:

The rising suspicion that “Zionism is the problem” has emerged even in the New York Times even as Obama makes his trip to Israel, sparking a rarely heard but badly needed conversation:

The justice minister has associate the rise in vigilante activity with Islamism, but “[w]itnesses to the lynchings depicted it purely as a revenge killing without pointing to any connection to enforcing Islamic law”:

“The Pakistani Taliban on Monday withdrew their offer of holding peace talks with the government, saying that the authorities were not serious about following through with negotiations” and separately claimed responsibility for “a pair of suicide bombers [who] attacked a court complex in the northwestern city of Peshawar”:

Green lantern is a Muslim?

“Chief Justice Aideed Abdullahi Ilkohanaf said Sunday there was not enough evidence to support an appeals court ruling that reporter Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim offended national institutions” noting “the reporter had not published the interview”:

“This past week … the Egypt delegation “pleasantly” surprised many of the Conference’s participants and perhaps some of the male-dominated leadership in Cairo by joining the overwhelming consensus to support the empowering Declaration concluding the two weeks of deliberations at the UN”:

“In the 1970s, barely 1 percent of schools were private, says Mr. Zaidi. Today over a third of all children attend private schools, a statistic that reveals the huge appetite for education in Pakistan” but of the “12 million school-age children in Pakistan who have never been to school, two-thirds of whom are girls”:

“The opposition Syrian National Coalition chose Western-educated former businessman Ghassan Hitto as provisional prime minister in a vote on Tuesday at a meeting in Istanbul”:

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