News and Analysis (3/26/13)

SR 65 is in committee, but if it passes it will change America’s policy toward Iran from a tough intolerance of Iranian possession of nuclear weapons to an insane intolerance of Iranian “nuclear capability,” a path to regional, and possibly world, war:

“The five … accused of inciting ‘aggression’ against members of the Brotherhood last week” include Alaa Abdel-Fattah “a leading blogger who played a role in the protests that led to the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011” …

… meanwhile, the Norwegian tourist released from captivity expresses her joy at returning home but the Israeli “shielded his face and did not speak to the TV reporter” …

“Bahrain successfully crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in 2011, and now it has told Doctors Without Borders that their long-planned conference on medical ethics is unwelcome”:

“Defense lawyers say prisoners began the strike began on Feb. 6 to protest what they say are more intrusive searches of their cells and of their indefinite confinement. The lawyers say the strike involves most of the 166 men held at Guantanamo”:

The anti-Muslim rampage spreads to more towns and the Thai president declares a state of emergency:

“I commend the Seattle Police and the FBI for their work, and thank the leaders of our Muslim communities who work tirelessly to ensure the acts of extremists are not used to condemn their faith” – US Attorney Jenny Durkan:

“Violence had erupted after a Coptic man beat Abdel-Nazir’s brother to death with an iron rod in an argument over the use of a village street, MENA said. Abdel-Nazir and several other people then attacked houses and shops belonging to relatives of the Christian man, killing a farmer and a trader” …

… and Egypt has reversed its traditional reluctance “to hand over exiled politicians or officials from ousted regimes. Egypt offered refuge to Libya’s deposed king Idris after Gadhafi’s 1969 bloodless coup and also hosted Iran’s former shah after the 1979 Islamic revolution there”:

The Syrian opposition, in disarray, wins a victory at the Arab League:

“Last week, a Stavropol court ruled against overturning the ban, which had been appealed by four residents of the region. An estimated seven percent of Russians are adherents of Islam, and the country’s North Caucasus region is predominantly Muslim”:


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