News and Analysis (5/12/13)

Why do both sides in the political debate continue to disingenuously call the Benghazi CIA base a “consulate” or even an “embassy” when it was nothing of the sort?

What then? Shall Google also stop calling the apartheid state “Israel” since “since it entrenches the [Zionists] in their view that they can further their political aims through one-sided actions rather than through negotiating and mutual agreement”?

As Muslims object to the burial of a man killed in a hail of bullets before he could be convicted or acquitted of terrorism accusations in a country that does not hesitate to bury mass murders and terrorists of other faiths in accord with their own religious traditions, a Christian woman steps forward for common decency:

The “Islamist Justice and Development Party won the most seats on a platform of reform and fighting corruption”, but its coalition partners have fought “its efforts to cut spending and reduce subsidies”:

“Besides overhauling a moribund economy Sharif … wants to end his country’s decades old feud with India and put Pakistan’s meddlesome generals in their place. It is a programme that has won him fans even among left-leaning critics who oppose his conservatism. It has also raised hopes in India and Afghanistan”:

Rafsanjani “has enough of a liberal aura to re-energize reformers for the first time since being crushed in the wake of Ahmadinejad’s disputed 2009 re-election. He also is seen as a potential steadying hand on Iran’s sanctions-sapped economy as a ‘millionaire mullah’ patriarch of a family-run business empire”:

“Azath Sally, 49, the former deputy mayor of Colombo, was arrested on Sunday in what the minority Muslim community described as the latest attack on them in the Buddhist-dominated island nation”:

“[H]e described the executions of nine people carried out by the government as ‘un-Islamic.’ President Yahya Jammeh’s government faced mounting pressure from the international community as the Muslim cleric was regarded a prisoner of conscience by many human rights organizations”:

After “bombs exploded on Boylston Street … the unlikely face of the Muslim community in its time of crisis became this 6-foot-5-inch, blond-haired, blue-eyed former hip-hop DJ whose grandfather was a fundamentalist Christian preacher””

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