News and Analysis (5/31/13)

A bullet in the back of the head? A Samurai sword?  An FBI agent left alone with a killer? Shocking inconsistencies in the FBI’s story as to how and why they killed Ibragim Todashev have the man’s father accusing them of an extra-judicial execution and the Washington Post demanding the straight story:

“Senator Barbara Boxer’s accommodation of Israel’s discriminatory dual system of law in the occupied West Bank has now seeped into her treatment of American citizens. She is sponsoring legislation codifying Israeli racial profiling over the rights of Americans traveling to Israel and occupied Palestine”:

“An American Muslim who says he was beaten with batons by prison interrogators while held in solitary confinement overseas for more than three months has sued the FBI and State Department, claiming the torture was done at their behest”:

“[W]hile the president’s proposal to regulate nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) removes several measures that received heavy criticism in previous drafts, it also allows a committee formed by the government to arbitrarily reject funding … organizations and to interfere in … internal decisions” …

… and the Cairo Opera’s “principal conductor, Nayer Nagui … accused the government of having a ‘detailed plan to destroy culture and fine arts in Egypt’ and said the curtain would go down on all performances at the Opera until the minister himself was removed”:

“[T]he bigger reason we didn’t see a backlash like the one in England has to do with who we are as Americans…. America was, and still remains, a melting pot”:

“God doesn’t make mistakes. I can be myself and keep my faith.” Despite the discomfort of some Muslims with her transgender persona, Bre Campbell converted because  Islam “focused more on God and … she could cover her hair and wear modest clothes and … she could just be a human being”:

“Scores of young men and boys on motorbikes and on foot marauded through the city of 130,000 people, some singing nationalist songs, a day after a mosque and religious school were torched. One person was killed and four were wounded in fighting”:

“Britain’s intelligence services were under pressure Saturday to explain their knowledge of two Islamists suspected of hacking a soldier to death in London, amid claims they had tried to recruit one of them”:

Laurent Guyénot argues neoconservatives employ Leo Strauss’s political philosophy, “a cold analysis of Israeli strategic interests for the benefit of the leaders in Tel Aviv, and a fear-mongering warning against imaginary dangers besetting U.S. public opinion” to achieve political objectives that require demonizing Islam:


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