News and Analysis (6/2/13)

“The former soldier, who apologised at sentencing for his crimes, said he wasn’t seeking sympathy nor trying to justify his actions – killings prosecutors described at trial in 2009 as one of the worst crimes of the Iraq war” but that being sent to a war zone had driven him “crazy”:

The AKP repression of peaceful dissent is exhausting their political capital:

“Analysts said Sunday’s ruling seemed likely to irritate both sides in Egypt‘s political conflict: the Islamists would be angry that the chamber’s legitimacy had been rejected, and the opposition would be annoyed that the house was not dissolved”:

Evidence mounts that the rebels possess the chemical weapons that may have been used in the Syrian conflict:

Funny, they don’t look Jewish:

The disgraceful explanation  why the Senate would vote 99-0 for a resolution to “impose secondary penalties on US allies”, lower the bar for war with Iran and interfere “with the attempt to reach a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear impasse at a delicate time”:

Iran drops even a pretense at free and fair elections:

“Zaytuna both fills a gap in U.S. higher education and follows tradition. Harvard trained men for the clergy in its early days. Yale was founded by a clergyman. Many highly ranked universities today remain affiliated with a faith, including Baylor (Baptist), Brandeis (Jewish) and Brigham Young (Mormon)”:

For the Lebanese Parliament, the spillover of war from Syria is an excuse to keep hold of power:


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