News and Analysis (6/7/13)

“Almost half of society voted for him, and that power has tainted him…. He lost his mind and his sense of justice. He became one man operating on his own” — Ayse Onal, journalist and former Erdogan admirer:

Obama and Udall tell different stories, but it’s not just Muslims who are victimized by Big Brother’s data-mining:

“The Jordanian government ordered that a controversial media law go into effect on Sunday, in a sudden erosion of online press freedom just days after King Abdullah promised human rights reforms”:

“[T]here’s no kind of negotiation going on to end the hunger strike. My client reports that all of his personal possessions are still confiscated, his toothbrush, his soap, his letters from home, his client-attorney letters which are privileged, that the two of us are using to communicate — has all been taken and not returned”:

“Women are lowering themselves by allowing themselves to be turned into objects, to be stared at and have their bodies measured.”Some feminist diatribe? Nope. Just Muslim hardliners for whom the Miss World Pageant’s contractual agreement to forego the bikini parade is “not enough”:

Melody Moezzi explains how it feels “to be told that you can’t be a feminist and that so many of your gentlest brothers are misogynists, criminals or worse”, and to see coreligionists slaughtered by state-sponsored terrorism “only to be called terrorists themselves for the crimes of a handful among them”:

Tony Blair’s “long held belief since the Bush-Blair invasion and occupation of Iraq that the primary driver, the root cause of terrorism, is religion and not political and social contexts and foreign policies. … is wrong headed and doomed to continue to be part of the problem not the solution”:

Mahmoud Abdel Gawad, diplomatic envoy to the grand imam of Al-Azhar says that if Pope “Francis were to accept an invitation from Coptic Orthodox pope Tawadros II to visit Egypt, he could also visit Al-Azhar. ‘At that point, relations and dialogue would be restored immediately'”:

The fighting reaches the Golan and the cost of the refugee disaster reached a record for the U.N.:

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