News and Analysis (6/19/13)

“Iran’s president elect Hassan Rouhani has spoken against his country’s involvement in the ongoing Syrian crisis, saying it could be settled only by the Syrian people themselves”:

“[T]he Bangladeshi tribunal is neither fair nor impartial and we are gravely concerned about the future of the case. The trials are hugely politicised, involving instances of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct bordering on a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice” – Mr Mueen-Uddin’s barrister:

Bumping  into a Buddhist monk is punishable but the murder of Muslims is not. More verdicts are handed down against Muslims, who have mainly been the victims of the violence, making a mockery of Myanmar’s alleged democratic transition, as inhumane treatment iof refugees continues:

“In a statement, Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand imam of the Al-Azhar mosque, stuck strictly to the question of whether Islam allows the protests — while underlining that they must remain peaceful — without weighing in one way or another on their political substance”:

“Tunisian police arrested an imam after he delivered a sermon described as ‘insubordinate’”. Thank God that in America we don’t “subordinate” religious leaders to the government …

… or do we?  “The lawsuit said Muslim religious leaders in New York have modified their sermons and other behavior so as not to draw additional police attention”:

The U.S. talks with the Taliban may be off after Karzai’s threat a post-2014 troop pact”:

In a video Matusitz says, “Imagine that symbolic interaction that from the cradle until you’re an adult teaches you to hate….” Why rely on imagination, Professor, when watching your video gives us a real-life glimpse of such a (sub)culture …

… and in all over America are the products of your subculture, such as the Virginia woman who “unleashed a string of expletives and called 911 to report that she was afraid for her life because she said her cabbie, Abdikar Aden of Alexandria, was ‘very Muslim’” …

… and in France where a woman miscarried after being beaten while wearing clothing banned for symbolizing the object of your hatred:

“Turkey’s deputy prime minister said on Wednesday he had no objection to silent anti-government protests inspired by a symbolic ‘Standing Man’ vigil, comments that could help draw the sting out of three weeks of often violent demonstrations”:

“[S]ome proponents of intervention say it is to end that country’s humanitarian nightmare. But in the short term, arming one side will increase the violence and bloodshed.” The defeat of “Saddam Hussein — whose regime was perhaps even worse than Bashar al-Assad’s — was only a stepping stone to an outcome”:






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