News and Analysis (7/1/13)

“A small crowd attacked the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo this evening as elsewhere in the capital large crowds called peacefully for President Mohamed Morsi, a former Brotherhood leader, to step down”:

“Perhaps she couldn’t stop it, people say, but at least she could have taken a stand.” Does politics explain why the author of the “influential essay … titled A Revolution of the Spirit remains :silent as Muslims are slaughtered?”

“Moderation in foreign policy is neither submission nor antagonism, neither passivity nor confrontation. Moderation is effective and constructive interaction with the world…. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a major regional power or the biggest regional power…, must play its role and for this we need moderation”:

First they spied on the Arabs. Then they spied on the Europeans. How long before they get around to you?

For Cyprus McGoldrick  “it’s important to show that our decisions definitely refer back to an idea of right and wrong. Those core concepts, principles, if they come through in the music that resonates with people, that unites rather than divides”:

“Islamic extremism is growing rapidly in Egypt, this has been notable after the revolution, and more clear after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi took office a year ago today. Gaza is ruled by an Islamic party, but there is no extremism”:

“The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which has chargesheeted Hindutva radicals in connection with the case, is likely to tell a Mumbai court that the arrested men do not stand accused in the Malegaon blast case”

“Even though the case against her was thrown out, people accused of blasphemy in Pakistan are often subject to vigilante justice. Mobs have been known to attack and kill people accused of blasphemy, and two prominent politicians who have discussed changes to the blasphemy laws have been killed”:

“Local residents said protests turned violent after the army refused to return one of the bodies to the villagers” …

… while in neighboring Pakistan, “Bombings killed at least 49 people in three different areas of Pakistan on Sunday, just as Britain’s prime minister David Cameron was in the capital pledging to help fight extremism”:

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