News and Analysis (7/12/13)

“[E]ven groups that supported Morsi’s ouster say the timetable is rushed, and that it hands too much power to the military while repeating the mistakes that characterized a botched attempt at political transition after the 2011 revolution”:

Morsi “supporters say the sudden turnaround proves that their opponents conspired to make Mr. Morsi fail. Not only did police officers seem to disappear, but the state agencies responsible for providing electricity and ensuring gas supplies failed so fundamentally that gas lines and rolling blackouts fed widespread anger and frustration”:

“The warrants highlight the armed forces’ zero-tolerance policy toward the Brotherhood, which was banned under authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak. ‘This just signals that dictatorship is back,’ said Brotherhood spokesman Ahmed Aref”:

“The Brotherhood statement came a day after arrest warrants were issued for the group’s spiritual leader, Mohammed Badie, and nine other Islamists accused of inciting violence after deadly clashes — the latest moves by the new military-backed government as it tries to choke off the group’s campaign to reinstate Morsi”:

Beyond its repercussions across the Middle East, The Egyptian coup threatens rule of law in teh the Obama administration announces it will send jets to in violation of the law prohibiting aid to a country that has militarily deposed a democratically elected head of state:

Look who’s happy about Egypt’s popular military coup. The Syrian dictator says the removal of “Egypt’s first freely elected president” puts “Arab identity … back on the right track”:

“Mohammad Amin, a senior Taliban operative and ‘co-ordinator of the Syrian base’, told the BBC that the cell to monitor ‘the jihad’ in Syria was set up six months ago”:

Secret files provided by Edward Snowden reveal Microsoft’s cooperation allow “Prism access without separate authorization to its cloud storage service SkyDrive. … [T]his access ‘means that analysts will no longer have to make a special request to SSO for this – a process step that many analysts may not have known about'”:

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