News and Analysis (7/14/13)

Islamic law requires Muslims to break fast at sunset during Ramadan. Are the guards at Guantanamo “using the Muslim holy month … to massage hunger strike numbers” in claiming “that less than half of the inmate population are now on strike”?

With the US sending a senior envoy to Egypt, the military-installed interim government moves quickly to take power, threatening Gaza, turning its back on Syrian refugees, and leaving the Muslim Brotherhood and Mursi supporters — their funds frozen by the public prosecutor — to submissively negotiate for a place at the table:

As Turkey comes closer to completing it long overdue transition to civilian rule …

… it has yet to complete acceptance of public demonstrations of popular dissent:

“With its ability to launch attacks reduced by a military crackdown, Boko Haram is redrawing the battle lines in Nigeria’s four-year insurgency by going after softer targets” …

… and a school headmaster, wide-eyed “with horror at describing the attack on the iron-roofed school built by British colonizers in the 1950s”  describes the militants’ brutal shooting of pubescent students followed by the burning of their bodies:

Even the ADL has felt the need to issue a statement against FrontPage Magazine’s absurd bigotry in claiming that the Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American offensive lineman was a “Muslim extremist”:

“Muslims will get a 75 percent share of metals resources and an equal split on fossil fuels, Ghadzali Jaafar, the front’s vice chairman, said in a phone interview yesterday”:

“Such weapons would help to upgrade significantly Syria’s capacity to target manned planes, drones and incoming missiles and would complicate efforts to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria if the US and other nations were to initiate one”:







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