News and Analysis (7/18/13)

Rising repression, an unrepresentative cabinet and continuing misgovernment bode ill for t’s future:

A Pakistani Taliban official regrets the attempted assassination of the young activist, but insists their motives were not opposition to schooling for girls, but retaliation for propagandizing against the Taliban in support of he West’s attempt to impose its norms on their region and the world:

The arrest of “a man who posted an Internet video of an Emirati beating a South Asian van driver after an apparent traffic altercation … underscores the tightening controls on social media by authorities in the image-conscious United Arab Emirates”:

“[D]espite opposition from some Jewish and pro-Israel groups angered by her past advocacy of divesting university funds from Israel[,] … the first Muslim to be student regent … won approval” as supporters cited her “activities in seeking to improve student life … and noted that many Jewish students supported her”:

“The 3-0 decision by a panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York was a setback for journalists, activists and others who had argued that the law put them in danger of indefinite detention”:

“Kandahari rejects all allegations leveled to him and links … three [American] soldiers to the killings”:

A drone “strike, on May 24, 2010, accidentally struck a vehicle carrying Jabir al-Shabwani, killing the then-deputy governor of Mareb and three other passengers…. [S]ome US officials later accused the Yemeni government of intentionally feeding the US false intelligence”:

“The U.S. military has spent $34 million building a state-of-the-art building on a base in southern Afghanistan that no American soldiers will ever use. Military officials warned that the proposed building was an example of wasteful spending three years ago when the construction began but their warnings went unheeded”:

The Awami League insists that the public is demanding justice against those who fought against independence ut the opposition as human rights groups say the trials and punishments are politically self-serving in the face of coming elections:

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