News and Analysis (7/20/13)

With Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, taking on “the role of deputy prime minister in addition to his earlier titles of defense minister and commander of Egypt’s armed forces” it’s clear that the military is in control …

… and a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman declares, “I accept that President Morsi wasn’t doing a very good job but the president of France hasn’t been doing a very good job, but they don’t take him down with the army”:

“[S]entenced to nine years in prison and … considered a fugitive by the Italians”, Robert Lady “has defended his actions in several interviews, stating that he was simply following orders” in the “war against terrorism”:

Against the ijma of both the classical and modern scholars that Islam promotes free markets, one modernist has layered onto Islam’s undeniable concern for the poor “an Islamo-Marxist reading of the economy”:

A personal celebrity trainer seeking a personal relationship with God, a Chicana who who stood up to familial male patriarchy, and a lesbian who explains her conversion is not “for the people” but “for me and God”:

“Afghan soldiers are often startled just by the existence of an American officer who is a Muslim religious leader. They are even more surprised by what he has to say”:

“[H]ere’s something we haven’t seen before: a graphic novel encouraging young Muslims in the West to take up [armed] jihad”:

“[J]ust as inmates are free to assemble, socialize and engage in other group activities in common, recreational areas … [when their cells], so too must they be allowed to engage in group prayer in common, out-of-cell areas”:

“In a shameless embrace of stigmatization, a 2007 NYPD report” suggested signs of “Muslims potentially undergoing radicalization … such as ‘Giving up cigarettes, drinking, gambling and urban hip-hop gangster clothes”:

“Political Islam is … an academic concoction [that] works as an analytical umbrella under which political analysts lump various forces that claim to be using historical Islamic texts and traditions to achieve modern political goals”:

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