News and Analysis (7/22/13)

The U.S. acceptance of the Transfer of Offenders Ordinance 2002 has raised hopes that Dr. Aafia will return home soon but media reports that “the Free Aafia taskforce of committee has recommended a list of 10 points” which they have refused to share “with Aafia’s family or lawyer” suggests the hopes might be premature:

The Saudi crackdown “started on July 17 with the arrest of a well-known Islamist reformist figure, Mussen al-Awaji, who, a few days before, called Saudis to sign a petition condemning the military coup in Egypt, and to ‘act as one Muslim body'”:

“The Egyptian military claimed the demonstrators had attempted to break into the building with the aid of armed motorcyclists” but an examination of video evidence and interviews with eyewitnesses, medics and demonstrators … [reveals] a different story – a coordinated assault on largely peaceful civilians”:

“A firebrand monk blamed Islamic extremists Monday for a small bomb that slightly wounded five people when it went off while he was preaching in Myanmar’s second-largest city, though police said it was too early to speculate”:

“There is no real malice in this photo. He did not insult our prophet, he did not call for the Quran to be defaced and he did not go out to injure a fellow Muslim. At most I could say that he is insensitive for suggesting that a dish most commonly made with pork is halal. We are getting into an uproar over FOOD?”

“Muslim full-face veils have been banned from all public places in France after a controversial law introduced by President Sarkozy in 2011. The Collective Against Islamophobia in France released a statement complaining of ‘heavy-handedness’ and ‘provocation’ by the police during the identity check”:

Rushing to amend the constitution at a time that the military has shut down media outlets and marginalized the winners of the only free elections in Egyptian history and when even the anti-Islamists are unable to agree among themselves as to what changes they want seems like a repeat of the mistake that led to the current crisis:

“The Indian government has lifted a curfew and an Internet shutdown imposed to keep a lid on protests after Indian soldiers killed four unarmed civilians last week in the Ramban district of Kashmir. India has also promised to investigate the Ramban shootings in a familiar effort to calm tensions”:

Rouhani invites Western leaders to his inauguration even as Khamenei warns Americans cant be trusted:

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