News and Analysis (7/24/13)

As the repression, polarization, and violence escalate in the wake of the Egyptian military coup …

… putting pressure on the democratically elected government in next-door Gaza …

… the U.S. Senate considers sending “one-fourth of the military aid immediately” and conditioning subsequent blocks “on State Department certification … [of] an ‘inclusive political process and releasing political prisoners … [and] on a democratic election … and … steps to protect the rights of women and religious minorities”:

“The wedding celebration of two protesters in Gezi Park was violently broken up by police this weekend – a reminder that neither the protest nor backlash are ebbing”:

“Though early today government officials claimed the attackers had been kept from their ultimate objective – freeing jihadi comrades – as the day wore on scattered claims were made of a stunning insurgent success … that 500 insurgents escaped from Abu Ghraib … [mostly] members of the Al Qaeda-aligned Islamic State in Iraq”:

Foreign intervention keeps the violence boiling, while the Syrian government blocks humanitarian aid:

“Followers of Islam gave an average of $567 compared to Jewish givers who donated around $412, according to the survey of just over 4,000 people in the U.K. Christians gave considerably less. Protestants donated an average of $308, while Roman Catholics gave around $272, the poll found. Atheists averaged just $177”:

“I did not feel for one moment that this was a sovereign European decision, but rather one that was dictated to them… Europe was not convinced [of Hezbollah involvement in terrorism], but has capitulated … to American and Israeli wishes.” – Shaikh Hassan Nasrallah:

“The two letters … are emblematic of the growing political activism in America of Hindu and Muslims groups from India”:

“The court heard that Lapshyn was charged with carrying out a series of acts with the intention to commit acts of terrorism between 24 April and 18 July, related to the three explosions”:


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