News and Analysis (7/26/13)

“Mohammed Brahmi was shot 14 times in front of his home within sight of his family on Thursday, plunging the country into a political crisis and unleashing demonstrations around the country blaming the government for the assassination”:

With accusations ranging from “killing soldiers and conspiring with the Palestinian group Hamas” coming out “ just hours before millions of Egyptians were expected to take to the streets in mass rallies for and against Egypt’s first freely elected leader” …

… “[t]he Egyptian military has now made it crystal clear that what we are seeing is a return to military backed authoritarian rule” …

… and the April 6 Youth Movement and the Revolutionary Socialists have both rejected Sisi’s call for what the latter calls a “blank cheque to commit massacres” …

… but “the US has little leverage to shape events in Egypt, and is unlikely to use what leverage it has”:

A secret meeting between the Brotherhood’s deputy leader and opposition power brokers “was cut short when journalists got wind of the meeting. [Amr] Moussa left convinced that the Brotherhood were over-confident, incompetent in government and had poor intelligence on what was brewing in the streets and the barracks”:

“‘Congress plainly intended to force the State Department to deviate from its decades-long position of neutrality on what nation or government, if any, is sovereign over Jerusalem,’ reads the opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit”:

Her creator defends the defender of girl’s education’s choice of action costume saying that “like any other superhero, Burka Avenger has a back-story too and her reasons for wearing the burka have nothing to do with subservience. ‘Besides she has to kick ass,’ he says. ‘Tight leather pants are hardly practical for that purpose’:

“A Maan correspondent said Hamas was upset about its reports that Hamas militants were contributing to chaos in the Sinai Peninsula following the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak publicly about the matter”:

“Human rights groups said the trial judge had failed to investigate “credible” allegations of torture of the defendants”:


Palestinians yearn for the corporate life. “Even as $800 smartphones proliferate in Ramallah, Israel has yet to allow Palestinian phone companies access to the spectrum needed to offer mobile data services such as email and Facebook access. As a result, those companies are losing tens of millions of dollars annually to Israeli operators”:

“Black. Muslim. Lesbian…. When I saw the words together for the first time, I was … stunned. Not because I held some narrow notions of what a Muslim was, or could be, but because I thought I was the only one”:


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