News and Analysis (8/14/13)

With at least 149 dead as the military bloodletting gets underway …

… Western indifference to the subversion of the electoral victories of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood gives Iran an opening:

“Palestinians … are upset that no Israeli Arabs or Jerusalem residents were among the first wave to be released. In addition, 14 of the prisoners will be sent to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, a move that has been criticized for separating SOME prisoners from their families and hometowns”:

“The Israeli daily Haaretz identified the official heading the project as Danny Seaman, a spokesman who has written Facebook posts criticized by the media as being incendiary and anti-Muslim. Seaman declined comment”:

In a (presumably unintentional) reminder of Zionist-Nazi collaboration to ship Jews to Palestine, Merkel insists that Israelis should not be concerned with German criticism of its illegal settlements because “Germany’s support for Israel’s security is part of our national ethos, our raison d’etre”:

“On August 8, 2013 – far from China’s Tiananmen Square, in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, a lone worshiper prayed the Eid Salat and was encircled by an army of riot police. The image shows a man on his knees praying unintimidated as a phalange of soldiers, bearing shields and batons, looked on”:

“Activists have stepped up a two-and-a-half-year-old campaign to push the Sunni Muslim ruling family into allowing more democracy in the Shi’ite-majority state of 1.25 million people”:

“The French interior ministry said the sergeant is believed to be ‘close to the radical far right’ and had allegedly planned to open fire on the mosque at Vénissieux in the Bordeaux region on Thursday last week, when Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan”:

“Rather than targeting Christians strictly for their faith, she adds, Boko Haram has used existing tensions between Muslims and Christians to increase the chaos in Nigeria’s north” and now threatens to “confront the United States of America”:

“Close to 560,000 Israeli nationals now live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention”:


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