News and Analysis (8/19/13)

Ennahda’s decision came after a rare and previously unannounced private meeting in Paris on Friday between Ghannouchi and Beji Caid Essebsi, a former prime minister and the head of the main opposition … party. … [T]he Tunisian army has no tradition of interfering in politics and also has no parallel business empire to defend”:

Worried about NSA bugging your phone? Be more worried about that cute neighbor boy sleeping over with your kids planting a tracking device for a drone strike. The U.S. denies involvement, but its minions in Yemen trained an 8-year-old boy to plant a tracker on a Yemeni who cared for the youth, “targeted … for what [he] might do”:

After undermining American negotiating efforts and murdering over 80 demonstrators, the Egyptian military has now killed dozens of prisonersdetained foreign citizens,  threatens to ban the Muslim Brotherhood opposition as part of an ironically declared “war on Terrorism” …

… and accuses Europeans that any refusal to continue funding the slaughter would constitute interference in Egypt’s “internal affairs” …

“[A]rmed popular committees have become part of Cairo’s social fabric,” and “with huge numbers either furiously in support of the Muslim Brotherhood or furiously against them, it appears that the committees – or perhaps, plainclothes agents of the state claiming they belong to the committees, or both – are going to play a larger role”:

J.J. Goldberg states the real reason the U.S.  hesitates to end aid to Egypt: “America’s billion-dollar-plus annual aid package to Egypt does not exist for Egypt’s benefit, but for Israel’s. It’s the carrot, or bribe, that keeps Egypt faithful to its peace treaty with Israel, despite its enormous unpopularity on the Egyptian street” …

… and Israel continues its support for their allies in the Egyptian military who continue to fight the front-line battle against their common enemy in SInai:

As the Saudi monarch pledges  $5 billion in aid to drive a stake into the heart of Egyptian democracy …

… “Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has fired the director of an Islamic TV channel for ‘admitting he belongs to the Brotherhood terrorist (sic) movement'”:

“The allegations against my client are no more serious than many, many Saudis who have been sent home…. It just baffles me” – attorney Martha Rayner:

“Relations between Christians and Muslims in the village, which had worsened since Morsi’s election in 2012, grew even more tense as Islamists spread rumors that it was Christians who were behind the protests against Morsi and his ouster by the military on July 3”:

“Washington said in June it believed Assad’s forces have used them on a small scale, while in July Moscow said rebels fired sarin gas near Aleppo in The U.N. team … will try to establish only whether chemical weapons including sarin and other toxic nerve agents were used, not who used them”:

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