News and Analysis (8/21/13)

Egypt’s plans to consider releasing overthrown dictator Hosni Mubarak  even as it prepares its prosecution of both secular politician Mohamed El-Baradei and the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual guide sums up the reversal of the advancement of Egyptian democracy…

… while the Gulf states, cheered by Egypt’s deteriorating Christian-Muslim relations  offer to pick up the slack as the US suspends aid …

… and journalists who cheered when the military that seized power, now face live bullets and accusations of spying:

… and “violence in Sinai has intensified since the toppling of Mr Morsi, suggesting that events in Egypt’s core are closely linked to those in its periphery”:

“An Afghan teenager who survived a rampage by a U.S. soldier who killed 16 unarmed civilians last year testified on Tuesday about the pain of losing his grandmother, at the start of a sentencing trial for the man behind the carnage”:

Syria says accusations of a massive poisonous gas attack are a rebel effort to distract UN investigators from their mission, American reluctance to even limited military intervention is motivated by concern that the rebels would not support U.S. interests, and Syrians in Jordan resort to self-help because international local aid groups are overwhelmed by the crisis:

Amina Sboui attributes her change of heart to Femen chants “insulting to Islam” and to “other ‘Islamophobic’ acts” as well as their “obscure financing”:

“[T]he organisers of ‘hijabuppropet’ urged Justice Minister Beatrice Ask to take measures to ‘ensure that Swedish Muslim women are guaranteed the right to personal safety and religious freedom, without being subject to verbal and physical attacks'”:

“[W]ith rebels blockading key oil ports and the capital, Tripoli, braced for armed confrontation[, l]eaders in the provinces of Cyrenaica and Fezzan are considering breaking away from the centre with rebel militias mobilising across the country”:

“More than 1,800 Rohingya who fled Myanmar by sea this past year are being detained across Thailand, often in overcrowded centers and shelters, and thousands more have been intercepted and pushed back out to sea by the Thai authorities”:

“Israel has already treated the [Gazan] gas fields as its personal property”:

Israeli “price tag” attacks are not restricted to Muslim targets:

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