News and Analysis (9/16/13)

<As Mubarak’ lawyers jockey “to blame Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood and foreign forces for the deaths of about 850 people killed in the unrest” that led to Mubarak’s removal,”the judge said on Saturday that all journalists would be barred from the next hearings and forbidden from quoting lawyers”:

In a deal to be enforced by the UN, “Syria must report what chemical stocks it holds within a week, far faster than the month President Bashar al-Assad requested. UN inspectors must be on the ground by November, and the stockpiles destroyed by the middle of next year. Failure to comply … would result in a reference to the UN security council” …

… if implemented, the move would end “a strategic benefit against Israel, with whom [Syria] is formally at war” …

… and Kerry immediately flew to Israel, which has never ratified the chemical weapons treaty, “to reassure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S.-Russia deal to secure Syria’s chemical weapons does not diminish American resolve to prevent Iran from gaining” nuclear weapons like Israel has …

… to soothe Israeli peace jitters sparked by Obama’s statement that “the Geneva deal could pave the way for more general talks involving Russia and Iran aimed at ‘some sort of political settlement that would deal with the underlying terrible conflict’”:

… but for the moment, it’s “back to business” for the Syrian regime:

“According to the Syrian National Coalition, Touma has a history of dissent from the Syrian government going back to 2001, when he joined groups calling for more freedoms and the release of political prisoners”:

YouTube censorship “could lead to the opening up of an entire Pandora’s box of moral policing and dictatorial controls despite the democracy being in place” — Furhan Hussain of Bytes for All”:

“Most Muslims do not care about such fatwas… Muslims have wholeheartedly accepted modern science and technology, including photography and video in their everyday lives. Yes, we don’t see Muslims holding public protests against such ridiculous fatwas, but that does not necessarily mean that they endorse such diktats”  — Maidul Islam, author of a forthcoming book titled Indian Muslims in a Globalized World:

An Italian journalist finally freed after 152 days of captivity says the Syrian revolution has “lost its way and become the property of fanatics and bandits”:

‘The goal of this is political, not educational – to say that Jerusalem is Israeli, not Palestinian’ … [says] an educator at a non-municipality school who  refused to sign a form for his son to join the Israeli curriculum”:

“Amid worst violence since 2008, many fear country is returning to same level of killing that drove it to brink of civil war”:

“Fighting continued for a sixth straight day as Philippines government forces clashed with rogue Muslim separatists on Mindanao. A reported cease-fire negotiated Friday didn’t hold”:






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