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  • Being Profiled

    My recent experiences traveling back from the Middle East reaffirm my belief that not only does profiling fail to protect us, but it can actually lead to the resentment and marginalization that can feed extremism and violence. I recently had the privilege of visiting Jordan and Turkey over the winter break. However, once arriving at […]

  • An American Muslim Woman in Saudi Arabia

    When you hear someone mention “Saudi Arabia”, what images come to mind? Is it is a place of mystery where women are hidden away in vast harems? If you are Muslim, most likely your thoughts turn to the Holy Mosque in Mecca, a sanctuary for Muslims from around the world. As a liberal American Muslim […]

  • News and Analysis (10/25/07)

    New US sanctions against Iran will hit ordinary Iranians: ““These banks that are being designated are major banks that pay the monthly wages of Iranian workers…” US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran (Al Jazeera) Rather than recognizing already existing communities’ record system, India requires all marriages to be registered with the State putting rural residents at […]

  • Finding Respect in the Arab Peninsula

    Sarah Swick, Minaret of Freedom Institute Recent representations of the status women in the Middle East, and the Arab Peninsula in particular, have focused on how women are disempowered and marginalized. Critics point to the clothes of the region, the black dress (abaya), headscarf (hijab), and in some cases the face veil (niqab) that women […]

  • News and Analysis (05/31/07)

    Dispute over TV station reveals various State interferences in the media: U.S., Saudis at Odds over TV Station (LA Times) Meanwhile, Morocco blocks YouTube for permitting a video showing Moroccan police beating women during a protest over the Western Sahara: YouTube Site ‘Blocked’ in Morocco (BBC) Turkish Parliament reasserts peoples right to directly elect the […]

  • News and Analysis (05/10/07)

    Court declares military trial of Muslim Brotherhood illegal, but will Mubarak listen? Detainee Transfer is Ruled Illegal (LA Times) Could facing a corrupt unelected regime unite two archrivals in Bangladesh? Bangladeshi Exile Plan Backfires (Christian Science Monitor) Lawlessness in Gaza forces Hamas and Fatah to begin joint security operations: Rival Groups Join Forces in Gaza […]

  • News and Analysis (05/03/07)

    After flawed elections, is there still hope for Nigeria? Democracy in Nigeria Falters but Is Far From Dead (NY Times) Breaking the ice: the US and Syrian top officials finally meet to talk about Iraq: US and Syria Hold Landmark Talks (BBC) Protests in Pakistan as Chief Justice has his day in court to hear […]

  • News and Analysis (04/26/07)

    China sentences Uighar Muslim man to nine years in prison: “His crime? Having a human rights activist for a mother” Inherited Persecution (Washington Post) Egypt tries civilians in secret military court: Muslim Brothers on Military Trial (BBC) Iranian Judge warns of unintended consequences as police enforce ‘Islamic dresscode’:  “Hauling women and young people to the […]

  • News and Analysis (04/19/07)

    Corruption plagues upcoming presidential election in Nigeria: Nigeria Holds Key Poll But Can it Be Democratic? (Reuters/Washington Post) Jury selection reveals hidden biases: “asked whether she considered Muslims disproportionately prone to violence. She replied: “Before Sept. 11, I would have said no. But from what I’ve heard since then on the news, I’d say yes.” […]

  • News and Analysis (04/12/07)

    One woman demands justice for her illegal detention in East Africa as she is mistaken for a ‘terrorist’… ‘I Want Justice for Terror Detention’ (BBC) …Following such stories, Ethiopia stages publicity stunt proclaiming how well it treats foreign detainees, but avoids discussing the real issue of illegal detentions: Ethiopia Shows 8 Foreign Detainees (AP/NY Times) […]

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