News and Analysis (04/26/07)

China sentences Uighar Muslim man to nine years in prison: “His crime? Having a human rights activist for a mother”

Egypt tries civilians in secret military court:

Iranian Judge warns of unintended consequences as police enforce ‘Islamic dresscode’:  “Hauling women and young people to the police station will have no use except to cause damage to society.   Tough measures on social problems will backfire and have counter-productive effects.”

Bangladesh’s emergency government gives up on idea to exile former leaders, seemingly agreeing with critics that the government “needs to adhere to existing law and investigate whether there is any case of corruption against these two leaders to be answered. If there is, then it needs to make a credible case and pursue it through the courts.”

Afghan government set to impose State control and censorship over private media:

Muslims reject the violent beheading of a man by a boy as ‘un-Islamic,’ but all unlawful (according to principles of Islamic justice) should be condemned!






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