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News and Analysis 1/3/23

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

The increasingly flagrant nature of Israeli racism may have no immediate effect on U.S. government policy, but its effect on the American Jewish community is visible in an open battle over free speech:

“Swedish authorities have rejected the allegations [of Islamophobia], saying they reserve the right to oversee private school activities.” Since the 1990s the private schools have been funded by the government:

India killed almost two dozen innocent Kashmiris per month in 2022, and so far in 2023 the pace is picking up:

“Ghaz?l? (d. 1111), in his treatise The Just Balance (2016), not only develops a model of critical thinking from the Qur??n itself, but he also coined the term from a Qur?anic verse, ‘And weigh with the just balance’ [26:182]”:

A 15-year-old and a 17-year -old are among those shot dead by Israeli troops:

Charges that night raids are really aimed at creating suspicions about Muslims are supported by an officer’s response to the question as to why the police had seized books, “What else can we do? We cannot return with bare hands”:

“Syria blamed Israel for an airstrike on Damascus International Airport overnight between Sunday and Monday” which is “the second attack on the airport since June”:

News and Analysis 12/30/22

Friday, December 30th, 2022

Calling an an art history class display of a historical Muslim image of Muhammad (pbuh) Islamophobic “has privileged a most extreme and conservative Muslim point of view. . [and] flattened the rich history and diversity of Islamic thought”:

As Israeli oppression continues to mount …

… one act of IDF terror leads to charges:

Her campus activism “made her the target of online hate mobs, … her father was arrested on what she describes as flimsy and specious pretenses and has been held since, and finally, she speaks about the shocking destruction of her family home by a bulldozer”:

“Authorities apprehended him in September 2017 amid a widespread crackdown on Islamic clergy and other prominent Uyghurs, for traveling to the holy city Mecca in 2015”:

“[I[n Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan in particular. Islam and Muslim organizations operate also as social actors and have social agency, especially women”:

The man Lady Warsi accused of having “the same ‘crazy’ anti-Muslim policies as Donald Trump” wants to publish a report distracting from the real threat of right-wing nationalism with the bogeyman of Muslim extremism:

“The biggest victim of [BJP intolerance] have been members of communities of religious minorities of India, especially Muslims and Christians” …

… and Sikhs tradition is collateral damage:

“Rouhani said Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) valued the opinion … of the people and consulted them on matters, … even … when he held a different opinion himself”:

The Global Islamic Council objects to Google placing a factual definition of Jews second to a slur:

News and Analysis 12/28/22

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

Blaming “Western countries, Israel and Saudi Arabia of fomenting the unrest,” and “arrests of dozens of dual nationals, … [aims] to shift blame away from the Iranian leadership”:

Initially in opposition to the Soviet Union, now of Russia and China, and always in support of “oil and Israel,” the U.S. has  fostered division in the region:

Vowing to appeal, one of the banned “school’s board members in a statement said: ‘The board thinks it is an unfair decision. There is no evidence for what we are accused of'”:

If the Prophet says “Seeking knowledge is a duty for every Muslim, male and female,” who are the Taliban to prevent women from their duty?

Israeli oppression continues to mount:

Once “the most significant social movement and political opposition in Egypt, … the group has been all but destroyed, with most of its leaders either imprisoned, killed or in exile”:

Activation of Starlink in Iran is “part of a U.S.-backed effort ‘to advance internet freedom and the free flow of information’ to Iranians”:

News and Analysis 12/25/22

Sunday, December 25th, 2022

Muslims look at Christmas in America …

… and in the land of Jesus’s (pbuh) birth:

On the heels of its unIslamic ban on women’s higher education …

… the Taliban takes the bread out of the mouths of Afghani families by prohibiting Afghani females from working with foreign aid agencies:

Sen. Warren and Rep. Jacobs charge that the DOD “is undercounting U.S.-caused civilian casualties in the Middle East and failing to make condolence payments even for [those] deaths it does acknowledge.”:

Netanyahu committed to recognise up to 100 illegal outpost communities across the Palestinian territories, to the dismay of Israel’s international partners”:

“In yet another demonstration of Islamophobia in India, there is no outcry over Twitter’s arbitrary suspension of our editor Ahmed Khabeer” — The Jamia Times:

Those fighting real antisemitism say she is targeted “to silence her and to undermine her mandate as a senior UN official reporting about Israel’s violations of human rights and international law”:

News and Analysis 12/22/22

Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

“‘You can’t stop the truth,’ said Nafar, speaking after the concert which Israeli police failed to shut down” …

… but in Germany a “new report by ministers and senators seeks to lay the legal basis for outlawing Palestinian groups, and even banning maps of historic Palestine”:

Demonstrating their contempt for the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), the “Taliban on Tuesday banned women from all universities in Afghanistan”:

“Israeli forces and settlers have killed 166 Palestinians, including at least 30 children, in the West Bank in 2022,”while “29 Israelis, including soldiers, have been killed by Palestinians in the same period”:

“The new criminal code … includes articles that ban insulting the president and state institutions, and spreading views counter to the state ideology

“Jews from the Ottoman Empire pioneered the Christmas-lights market a century ago — but nativism, antisemitism and Islamophobia obscured this history”:

Do “this Imam and his kind have no idea that women not only congregate in mosques in many Islamic and non-Islamic countries, but also at the Masjid Al Haram itself?”:

“Mounties say, MAC should take its concerns to other authorities, even though the records include faked RCMP search warrants and phony records of payments to informants”:

As Israeli oppression increases …

… there are signs of a U.S. pushback “expected primarily to affect settlers living in the occupied West Bank”:

The EU Court of Human Rights has upheld the politician’s €3,000 fine for saying French Muslims must choose “between Islam and France”:

News and Analysis 12/19/22

Monday, December 19th, 2022

“[D]uring a time of especially heavy Israeli state violence” one rights group reported 700 instances of censorship and another “that nearly half of the Palestinian-themed content that disappeared off of Instagram” …

… so Musk’s selection of Bari “Weiss as one of the journalists to break a story about censorship is exceptionally ironic, given Weiss’s history” suppressing “suppress academic freedom for Palestinian and Arab scholars.”:

The skeptics notwithstanding, Qatar ends up hosting “the best game of all time”:

In their fanatic push to conflate ant-Zionism with antisemitism, Zionists now “want a *government entity* to dictate what is and isn’t a *legitimate Jewish belief*”:

“Reform of Islamic jurisprudence challenges a key pillar of autocratic strategies in the Muslim world designed to ensure the survival of repressive regimes”:

The illegal “deportation of lawyer Salah Hamouri, a Jerusalemite who holds French citizenship, to France yesterday” is meant to intimidate non-Jewish residents of the city into submission …

… but Israel refuses to explain its detention of a Palestinian-American attempting to enter Jerusalem with a permit:

The creator of That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story and Yes, I’m Hot in This says fans must wait for the televised version of her work until studios can find a Muslim showrunner:

In the wake of the IDF murder of a 15-year-old girl, a settler rams his car into two brothers fixing a tire on the roadside …

… and Palestine’s PM calls for UN “teams stationed in Palestine to deploy monitors on the roads and in the areas targeted by settlers”:

“We are habituated to curfews, snow, and we grew up amidst bullets and militancy, … but the internet is the oxygen of our business”:

A report on the “constant obstruction, harassment and persecution, from tear-gassing nurseries to arbitrary checkpoints and night raids, used to drive Palestinians from their land”:

News and Analysis 12/17/22

Saturday, December 17th, 2022

One victim charges “that the Israeli ban was unjustified since most Christians in Gaza do not have any political or factional affiliation”:

As the Israeli violence continues to mount…

… soldiers fire on settlers …

… and the UN says enough is enough:

Israel calls the Palestinians it has forced out of their villages “’present absentees,’ and confiscated their land under the 1950 Absentees Property Law”:

Muslims practiced bathing when Europeans thought it was a bad thing, and even today at the World Cup Westerners are learning that toilet paper is not enough for good hygiene:

“[F]or the first time, … viewers [have] an on-the-ground perspective of what it was like for over 700,000 Palestinians in 1948”:

“Al-Andalus became the first laboratory for a form of Arab-Muslim domination which had renounced conquest to bet on the economic development of its territory”:

“157 countries voted in favor of the permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the occupied territory over their natural resources”:

News and Analysis 12/15/22

Thursday, December 15th, 2022

The World Cup demonstrates that ordinary Arabs do not share their despotic rulers’ desire for normalization:

“The United States introduced the resolution, which” passed 29-8, with 16 abstentions:

Under police surveillance, “shunned and stigmatized,” with most “denied job opportunities, and others facing financial ruin” the women protesting the hijab ban have expanded their social reform targets:

“If the White House and Sanders’ office fail to reach an agreement, Sanders says he will reintroduce the resolution”:

Its role in politics, decentralization, and the role of youth are issues confronting the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Palestinian and Jewish human rights organizations, as well as major newspaper editorial boards, have opposed codifying the IHRA definition of antisemitism into law” …

… as FaceBook steps up its war on Palestinian rights and free speech:

“After Al-Haq took legal action against it, the Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) admitted that the articles contained false claims harming ‘the good name of the organization'” …

… while someone has gone to a lot of trouble producing fake documents to smear Canada’s largest Muslim organization; the organization thinks it is the government:

“[S]oldiers … confessed directly to their crimes, including recognition and condemnation, but unfortunately they did not speak of remorse”:

The revelation has raised “a question on the functioning of the department and quality of education;” 44% of private schools have a similar problem:

News and Analysis 12/13/22

Tuesday, December 13th, 2022

“Zakarneh is the 166th victim so far this year of the Israeli killing machine in the occupied West Bank, the 10th since the start of this month, including 39 minors”:

“Majidreza Rahnavard. He was convicted of ‘waging war against God’ for reportedly killing two members of the Basij paramilitary force”:

Ignoring that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) adopted a son, the court says a poor Hindu couple should turn their child over to the state rather than to a Muslim couple:

Muslim women are winning American elections because “they have the social network, human capital and the familiarity with the society as a political system”:

Many Israeli Jews want to replace the tribal version of Zionism with one “in which Judaism as a religion … is placed above the secular institutions that were built by Zionism’s forefathers”:

Expert is unaware “of a decade in post World War II Germany where the vandalising of Muslim, Jewish or Sinti and Roma graveyards in Germany didn’t happen”:

News and Analysis 12/11/22

Sunday, December 11th, 2022

As the West focuses on Ukraine, Israel’s violent rampage continues:

Topics on which fatwas were issued at this year’s KUPI meeting included “religious-based violence, …forced marriage, abortion in the case of rape, and” FGM:

Pressuring Iran won’t keep nukes out of the Middle East unless Israel complies with U.N. resolutions:

“In 2021 the Columbia Journalism Review reported that analysts believed Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were deliberately censoring Palestinian content”:

A “prison gang expert and former member of the notorious Nuestra Familia prison gang … told Hatewatch the video’s characterization of Muslims is ‘not true'”:

There are three kinds of Zionists: those who deny the nakba, those who say it was (perhaps regrettably) necessary, and those who are proud of it:

An assistant professor of law urges Muslims break through patriarchy and give women their due inheritance “as commanded by God and His Messenger”:

Now. this is what a real a war on Christmas looks like …

… but Christmas fights back:

The “Taxpayers’ Ombudsman … described being at an “impasse” due to the inability of his office to look at all of the relevant files to properly complete the review”: