Month: August 2006

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/31/06)

    Will Africa become the new battleground between the US and Al Qaeda? Experts Fear Africa Next Big Stage for Al Qaeda (Reuters/Washington Post) Olmert remembers the “original excuse” for invading Lebanon and demands the two soldiers taken hostage be returned in exchange for lifting blockading and troop withdraw: Israel Pegs Its Pullout to Release of […]

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/30/06)

    Muslim taxi driver who made a video of tourist sites in London acquitted of terrorism charges Taxi Driver In London Acquitted in Terror Case (Washington Post) Olmert rejects Annan’s call to lift ‘humiliating’ blockade of Lebanon Israel Rejects U.N. Blockade Appeal (Reuters/Washington Post) Former Iranian president given permission to visit US US Issues Visa to […]

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/29/06)

    ISNA elects female convert as its president: Muslim Group Picks First Woman Leader (AP/Washington Post)  Muslim charities in the US struggle to give aid to Lebanon without “knowingly financing or “working with” Hezbollah.” Charity Strives to Keep `Clean’ (Chicago Tribune) A sorority-like group in Syria gives space for women to explore the difference between religion […]

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/28/06)

    New Australian anti-terrorism laws: presumed guilty until proven innocent? Australia Applies New Anti-Terror Laws (AP/Washington Post) Nasrallah: “We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude.” Hezbollah Head Says He Didn’t Expect War (AP/Washington Post) American Muslims feeling more alienated after 9/11, […]

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/28/06)

    “More than 200 Palestinians, at least 44 of them children, have been killed in the past 8 1/2 weeks:” Israeli Siege Leaves Gaza Isolated and Desperate (Washington Post)

  • Wide Angle Explores “Faith and Prosperity in Turkey”

    By Sarah Swick, Minaret of Freedom Institute, The latest episode of PBS’ Wide Angle, which highlighted successful businessmen in Turkey, explored the relationship between Islamic piety and business. The film followed a devout Muslim man who had founded a clothing line which caters to pious Muslim women. (The film also followed a secular businessman […]

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/27/06)

    They call it “Calvinist Islam;” we call it Islam: Turks Knock on Europe’s Door With Evidence That Islam and Capitalism Can Coexist (NY Times) Conflating legitimate resistance with terroism is risky: Be Grateful that Exasperation Has Not Stifled Moderates (Daily Star) Common Ground: The Middle East’s Civil War–Last Cahance fir the U.S.(World Peace Herald) Centanni […]

  • News and Analysis Update (8/26/06)

    Preparing excuses for the next escalation? Is Iran Really Controlling Militias in Iraq? Iraqi politicians say the U.S. claims of a clear link between Shi’ite militias and Tehran is pure scapegoating. And Tehran-bashing could further complicate U.S. efforts to end the civil war (Time/CNN) The entire story of the captivity of Jill Carroll, in her […]

  • News and Analysis Updates (8/25/06)

    Loss of power among costs of policy blunders: A Weaker US Hand in the Mideast: With American leverage seen as diminished, Iran and others have more room to move in (Christian Science Monitor) State Dept. will investigate allegations of Israeli violations of terms of American supplied anti-personnel devices: U.S. Probes Israeli Use of Cluster Bombs […]

  • Article on Tunisian Women Misses the Mark

    by Sarah Swick, Minaret of Freedom Institute, A recent Associated Press article, which was printed in the Washington Post, celebrated 50 years of Tunisian independence by exploring women’s rights in the North African nation. The article, titled Injustice Lingers in Tunisia for Women, praises Tunisian women as the “most liberated in the Muslim World.” […]

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