News and Analysis Updates (8/28/06)

New Australian anti-terrorism laws: presumed guilty until proven innocent?

Nasrallah: “We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude.”

American Muslims feeling more alienated after 9/11, choose integration rather than assimilation

State of the Muslim Ummah?: attempt on the life of prominent Islamic scholar at UCLA likely an attack by a fellow Muslim wanting to stifle sincere scholarship

Op-ed: Racial profiling inefficient and neglects other illegal activity

Reverse brainwashing?

New anti-terrorism laws in Jordan: following the American model?

NY man arrested and charged with “doing business with a terrorist entity.” His lawyer argues, “It’s like the government of Iran saying we are going to ban the New York Times because we think of it as a terrorist outfit, or China saying we will ban CNN.”

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