Month: July 2007

  • Two small notes…

    Original Link (with slight modifications): Hi Everyone, Just minor points for today’s blog. Tuesday July 17th’s blog was written by me, but due to technical difficulties had to be posted by Kyle. So any credit and notoriety for the post should be directed at me, not Kyle. Second, while Kyle is on business in […]

  • Full diplomatic engagement with all Palestinian parties needed for peace

    Original link (with slight modifications): I was browsing through today’s Christian Science Monitor several days ago and found articles that I thought complimented each other rather nicely. The first was an article on Israel’s latest bid to boost Fatah in the West Bank and counterbalance Hamas in the Gaza Strip is Israel PM Olmert’s […]

  • News and Analysis (7/31/07)

    Musharraf government officials dismayed that military financial aid to regime may no longer be unconditional: Pakistani Premier ‘Disappointed’ by U.S. Pressure (Washington Post) Iraq’s Parliament fails to pass any crucial legislation or resolve constitutional crisis before going into recess, leaving Bush with few signs of political progress to tout in Washington: Iraqi Parliament Adjourns in […]

  • News and Analysis (7/30/07)

    Middle East expert Juan Cole provides latest news roundup of Iraq, including the country’s dire humanitarian crisis, latest incidents of violence, Iraqi’s perceptions of the endurance of US military bases, and analysis of tensions and military maneuvers along Turkish-Iraqi Kurd border: A Third of Iraqi Children Malnourished, Baghdad Neighborhoods Emptied, by Snipers Skepticism on Gates-Rice […]

  • News and Analysis (7/28-29/07)

    “We think it’s crucial that the Muslim world realize that there are evangelical Christians in the U.S. in large numbers that want a fair solution.” – Ronald J. Sider, president of Evangelicals for Social Action Coalition of Evangelicals Voices Support for Palestinian State (New York Times) Chairman of the North American Fiqh Council, Muzammil Siddiqui, […]

  • News and Analysis (7/27/07)

    Gonzales’ testimony over “no disputes” about Big Brother NSA wiretapping program is contradicted by FBI chief Mueller: FBI Chief Disputes Gonzales On Spying (Washington Post) Suicide bombers attack neighborhood considered “safe” where Sunni and Shi’a Iraqis could live and spend time without fear of violence and sectarianism: Blast Kills at Least 25 in Long-Secure Baghdad […]

  • DHS Roundtable on Security and Liberty: Perspectives of Young Leaders Post 9-11

    On July 24 and 25, I, along with over 40 Arab, Sikh, South Asian and Muslim youth leaders attended a roundtable discussion on security and liberty in the United States. The event was held co-sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the George Washington University Homeland […]

  • News and Analysis (7/26/07)

    Reagan-era appointees speak out against torture, denouncing it as immoral and against national interests: War Crimes and the White House: The Dishonor in a Tortured New ‘Interpretation’ of the Geneva Conventions (Washington Post) Five years after its peace plan was rejected by the opposite side, Arab League extend an olive branch to Israel–yet again: Arabs […]

  • News and Analysis (7/25/07)

    High stakes for the American Muslim community are involved as over 300 organizations and individuals are mentioned as “unindicted co-conspirators” as the Holy Land Foundation trial is finally set to begin after getting shut down more than seven years ago: Case Against Islamic Charity Opens (Washington Post) Iraqi Sunni bloc suspends government membership for a […]

  • News and Analysis (7/24/07)

    Panel of Muslim Scholars re-affirm military jihad as self-defense and opine that Muslims are free to choose to leave their faith if they want: Muslims Speak Out: What Islam Really Says About Violence, Human Rights and Other Religions (Washington Post) While the latest round of US-Iran-Iraq talks continue amid cool relations between Washington and Tehran, […]

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