News and Analysis (7/25/07)

High stakes for the American Muslim community are involved as over 300 organizations and individuals are mentioned as “unindicted co-conspirators” as the Holy Land Foundation trial is finally set to begin after getting shut down more than seven years ago:

Iraqi Sunni bloc suspends government membership for a week and threatens to quit unless its demands for “pardon for security detainees not charged with specific crimes, a firm commitment by the government to human rights, the disbanding of militias and the inclusion of all parties in the government in dealing with the country’s security situation” are met:

Editorial from the Christian Science Monitor argues that the AKP has a new opportunity to move Turkey towards “a new era of religious tolerance” but open debates on mosque-state relations must also occur:

Major survey across Muslim World finds that support for suicide bombing has dropped sharply in 2002, but it is still high in areas of conflict such as Palestine:

“The proposal ‘is circumventing the law by paying companies to do something the FBI couldn’t do itself legally… Going around the Fourth Amendment by paying private companies to hoard our phone records is outrageous.’” – Michael German, ACLU National Security Legal Counsel


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.






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