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News and Analysis (6/6/08)

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Investigative reporter Gareth Porter finds American negligence of Saddam’s old weapons stockpiles and poor accountability of arms transfers to the Iraqi government are the real arms suppliers to Iraqi militants, not Iran:

Turkey’s economy loses billions in foreign investment due to fears of secularist attempts to undemocratically close down the Islamic-oriented AK Party:

Former British PM John Major and the Church of England slam a Labour-led plan to extend detention without charges from 28 to 42 days:

Bipartisan Senate report slams the Bush administration for its falsely claimed link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam, but “stops short of calling for any follow-up investigation or sanction”:

Six years after being deported to Syria to for torture interrogation, DHS says Mahar Arar’s rights were violated, with Senators condemning the incident:

Leading presidential candidate John McCain reverses his position on security and liberty from 6 months ago, now saying that the President has unchecked domestic spying powers…

…while Obama backtracks on comments from a day earlier at the AIPAC conference which stated that Jerusalem is exclusively the capital of Israel:

Former Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya and President Mahmoud Abbas seek to restart to Yemeni initiative to former a unity government:

As a part of its nationalistic drive for self-sufficiency, Iran aims high to dramatically increase it scientific output in the region and rest of the globe:

News and Analysis (6/5/08)

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

King Abdullah presides over international gathering of Muslim scholars in Mecca who are urged to strengthen interfaith and intrafaith relations:

Ronni Abergel’s Living Library uses an innovative way of debunking social stereotypes by allowing one to “loan” someone, including a Muslim:

Bush seeks imperialist deal with Maliki that would maintain the occupation by controlling Iraqi airspace, arrest whoever it wants with impunity and conduct military operations without the consultation of Baghdad:

Former military Chief Prosecutor Morris Davis says the trials of 9/11 plotters are tainted by political manipulation and torture-based evidence:

Bangladesh’s military junta announces 12,000 people have been arrested in its year-long “anti-corruption drive”, but politicians and human rights groups accuse it of torture and arbitrary arrests:

An Internet posting “signed by one Mustafa Abu al-Yazid” threatens Denmark with more attacks:

News and Analysis (6/4/08)

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

A federal judge completely overturns the conviction of one Muslim charity leader and partially acquits two others:

Experts say the trial of alleged 9/11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will focus as much on the legitimacy of the military commissions as on the evidence:

Seeking to counter the rising trend of female suicide bombers and the need to bring in income, more women are being involved in security details to protect their neighborhoods:

UN officials laud the Islamic Development Bank’s $1.5 billion donation toward alleviating the global food crisis, but also say a minimum of 10 times as much cash is needed:

Continuing more of the same failed hardline policies, Condi Rice shoots down the idea of diplomacy with Tehran:

Indonesian activists and politicians criticize the government for failing to take legal action against the extremist group that attacked peaceful demonstrators:

News and Analysis (6/3/08)

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Two major presidential candidates hype claims about Iranian nuclear intentions, but former CIA-operative Phil Giraldi says the facts don’t support the saber-rattling:

False intelligence, worsened global security and changing regional balance of power top Aussie PM Rudd’s list of reasons for exiting Iraq:

Imam Qatanani describes his torture at the hands of Israeli soldiers at a court hearing to fight his deportation:

Statist interference in religious affairs hits Algeria’s tiny Christian minority, leading to four people slapped with fines and suspended jail time:

NY Times ombudsman Clark Hoyt takes Ed Luttwak to task for his extremist views on Islam and op-ed editor Dave Shipley for not allowing an equal op-ed rebuttal space:

The transitional government, opposing factions and civil society are hopeful that an agreement to end fighting can be reached soon:

Extremists’ assault on protesters supporting heterodox sect’s right to religious belief earns them rebuke from Indonesia’s second biggest religious organization…

…and legal action from the government:

News and Analysis (6/2/08)

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Sait Sanli stress the Qur’an’s emphasis on forgiveness to end many of Turkey’s cultural blood feuds:

Cries of “collective punishment” force Fulbright to reinstate their scholarships to Gazan students…

…but not Israel’s occupation and further expropriation of Palestinian land:

Egyptian “playwrights-turned-anthropologists” explore social issues affecting Muslim women in a series of humorous, but serious dramatic monologues:

Denmark’s embassy in Pakistan gets rocked by a terror attack…

…meanwhile the only anti-Taliban strategy Islamabad can come up with a state-controlled
“conservation corps”, funded with U.S. foreign aid:

Extremists threaten war against liberal Indonesian Muslims defending the rights of a minority sect of a few hundred members in a country of 220 million:

News and Analysis (5/31-6/1/08)

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Algerian youth riot over state mismanagement of the economy:

Basrans get a temporary reprieve from Shi’a extremists’ Taliban-like rule:

US list of state sponsor terror list “has become a diplomatic tool to win concessions from U.S. adversaries eager to end the stigma and sanctions that come with the designation”:

Senators question the CIA freshly positive assessment of Al-Qaeda after repeated testimony of growing threat:

Muslim scholars-in-training for counterterrorism studies in Britain get arrested after downloading Al-Qaeda manuals made available by the American DoJ:

Local southern California Muslims have fresh fears of government spying after recent reports over more surveillance of area mosques: