News and Analysis (6/6/08)

Investigative reporter Gareth Porter finds American negligence of Saddam’s old weapons stockpiles and poor accountability of arms transfers to the Iraqi government are the real arms suppliers to Iraqi militants, not Iran:

Turkey’s economy loses billions in foreign investment due to fears of secularist attempts to undemocratically close down the Islamic-oriented AK Party:

Former British PM John Major and the Church of England slam a Labour-led plan to extend detention without charges from 28 to 42 days:

Bipartisan Senate report slams the Bush administration for its falsely claimed link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam, but “stops short of calling for any follow-up investigation or sanction”:

Six years after being deported to Syria to for torture interrogation, DHS says Mahar Arar’s rights were violated, with Senators condemning the incident:

Leading presidential candidate John McCain reverses his position on security and liberty from 6 months ago, now saying that the President has unchecked domestic spying powers…

…while Obama backtracks on comments from a day earlier at the AIPAC conference which stated that Jerusalem is exclusively the capital of Israel:

Former Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya and President Mahmoud Abbas seek to restart to Yemeni initiative to former a unity government:

As a part of its nationalistic drive for self-sufficiency, Iran aims high to dramatically increase it scientific output in the region and rest of the globe:


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.






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