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News and Analysis (5/4/18)

Friday, May 4th, 2018

“Kudos to @ChrisCuomo for pressing Netanyahu on that little uncomfortable fact that is typically ignored: the only country in the Middle East with a proven, clandestine nuclear weapons stockpile is … Israel. And the rogue state refuses to join the NPT” — Glenn Greenwald …

… and “[e]xperts said the half-ton of documents, allegedly taken by Israeli spies from a warehouse outside Tehran, contained nothing that was not already known. European leaders said that in fact they provided further proof of the value of the nuclear deal, not of its flaws”:

Those with “strong anti-Muslim prejudices … tend to be more approving of discriminatory policies targeting Muslims, more likely to support state and non-state violence against civilians and more likely to favor authoritarian measures a response to perceived security threats”:

The “precedent-setting opinion that ensures that individuals may sue individual federal officials for acts of religious discrimination”:

“New South Wales … introduced the law in 2016 after several Muslim defendants refused to stand for judges on religious grounds. … ‘No evidence was presented that the teachings of Islam compel this conduct,’ the magistrate said”:

“Muslim women have challenged sexism by using religious arguments from the earliest days of Islam – and … the overwhelming majority [surveyed] believed violence … is against the principles of Islam. … religious and community leaders … used religion to promote respectful relationships”:

Ugandan “laws grant suspects the right to have legal representation as well as the right to be visited by their family members, however if the suspect is a Muslim it can take almost forever to see your lawyer or even a relative”:

“[A]s anti-Muslim violence continues to rise in the United States, and as public, unabashed anti-Semitism begins to stalk Europe and the US…, religious leaders in all three Abrahamic faiths have been trying to … uphold a deeper commitment to the mutual dignity and equality of the other”: