Month: May 2018

  • News and Analysis (5/30/18)

    Nikki Haley says, “No country would act with more restraint than Israel,” … with a straight face, but even “Donald Trump’s United States … faced with a caravan of 150 Central American immigrants camped on its border with Mexico” doesn’t shoot “them down in cold blood”: Gaza and the Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Minaret […]

  • Gaza and the Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Nikki Haley has created a meme about the Israeli massacre of Palestinians demonstrating for the right to return to their homes at the Gaza border: “No country would act with more restraint than Israel,” she says with a straight face. Many countries would act with more restraint than Israel has, but let me not draw […]

  • News and Analysis (5/27/18)

    “The judge set a daily threshold of at least 2,600 calories in his emergency order … [writing] that even if the men received sufficient food on some days, there was evidence that they have not received enough every day”: Judge Orders Higher-calorie Meals for Alaska Muslim Inmates (AP / wdtn) To the tyrants of Abu […]

  • News and Analysis (5/24/18)

    “I would recommend freedom”: Noura Erakat’s Brilliant Response to CBS News on Gaza Massacre (CBS News) By the embassy move Trump sacrificed Palestinian rights on the alter of Israeli interests; but Senate Democrats Schumer and Cardin would outdo him by sacrificing the first amendment rights of Americans: Democrats Join Republicans in Bill Criminalizing Speech Critical […]

  • News and Analysis (5/21/18)

    Al-Sadr’s “top showing at the ballot box means the next prime minister will have to introduce a civil service law that al-Sadr has championed as an antidote to Iraq’s endemic corruption…. But that doesn’t mean the Cabinet or parliament will sign off on it”: Iraq’s al-Sadr, Promising Reform, Is Constrained by Iran (CNBC) In an […]

  • News and Analysis (5/18/19)

    There is a disgraceful irony to the country of the Dreyfiuss affair and collaboration in the Holocaust  demanding deletions in the book that contained the “nucleus of pluralism that gave the Jews in Muslim lands greater security than Jews had in Christian Europe”: Anti-Islam Movement Has New Rallying Cry — Let’s Delete Verses of the […]

  • News and Analysis (5/15/18)

    As  number of country’s expressed concern or horror over the Israeli massacre of 58 demonstrators and wounding of thousands in a single day, the “White House declined to join in urging Israel to exercise caution” and adopted the murderers’ line of blaming Hamas … Israeli Forces Kill Dozens in Gaza as U.S. Embassy Opens in […]

  • News and Analysis (5/12/18)

    “We know of no instance — in the history of the United States — in which the government has forcibly transferred an American citizen from one foreign country to another” –  Judge Sri Srinivasan, joined by Judge Robert L. Wilkins: Appeals Court Says No to Third-country Transfer of American ISIS Suspect Held in U.S. Custody […]

  • News and Analysis (5/9/18)

    As Trump threatens to bully European allies into following his lead in welshing on the treaty with  Iran, the other signatories pledge to negotiate a version without the U.S. The U.S. has greater economic clout than Iran, but the Iranians may prove to be better negotiators than Trump: Europeans Scramble to Salvage Iran Deal After […]

  • News and Analysis (5/6/18)

    “Benjamin Netanyahu’s stage performance about Iran seeking a nuclear weapon not only was based on old material, but evidence shows it was fabricated too”: The Latest Act in Israel’s Iran Nuclear Disinformation Campaign (Consortium News) Israel’s recent killing of seven Iranians provoked a vow of “Iranian retaliation is hundred percent certain but at a time, […]

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