News and Analysis (5/12/18)

“We know of no instance — in the history of the United States — in which the government has forcibly transferred an American citizen from one foreign country to another” –  Judge Sri Srinivasan, joined by Judge Robert L. Wilkins:

Although Anwar Ibrahim “was also imprisoned under Mahathir in 1998 following a power struggle[,] Mr. Anwar and Mr. Mahathir joined forces in an unlikely alliance that helped the opposition nailed the electoral victory” …

… “We are not seeking revenge. What we want is to restore the rule of law … if the law says that Najib has done something wrong, then he will have to face the consequences” — Mahathir :

For Muslims the most heartbreaking consequence of the Erdogan era is the dramatic flight of his subjects from Islam:

“Iran strongly condemns …(Israel’s) attacks on Syria. The international community’s silence encourages Israel’s aggression. Syria has every right to defend itself” — Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi …

… “We feel that the extraterritoriality of their sanction measures are unacceptable. The Europeans should not have to pay for the withdrawal from an agreement by the United States, to which they had themselves contributed” – French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian …

… and experts say that “Trump’s decision to abrogate the terms of the nuclear deal is likely spurring Iran to show the US that it will pay a price” and  he is now “only a few days away from throwing another can of gasoline on the fire by moving the embassy to Jerusalem”:

“[T]he Islam practised by many Muslims in the UK is not one of reflection, but of ritual without understanding. It is about punishment, pain and barriers, rather than enlightenment, openness and the nurturing of creative thought”:

“Shortly after his inauguration, Trump said he wanted prioritize admitting Christian refugees into the country. His rhetoric and controversial travel ban against seven majority-Muslim countries may have helped him do just that”:

Muslim activists “are hoping to overturn the decision to execute Noura for defending herself against physical and sexual violence, and navigating an impossible situation that no young woman should ever face” after she killed the rapist he had been forced to marry:

“She said he was immediately regretful about his comments and even broke into tears” and she asks,  “How many of us do not at one time or another say something out of anger that we regret?”






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