News and Analysis (5/24/18)

“I would recommend freedom”:

By the embassy move Trump sacrificed Palestinian rights on the alter of Israeli interests; but Senate Democrats Schumer and Cardin would outdo him by sacrificing the first amendment rights of Americans:

“Incredible solidarity – a full-page ad by Muslim sisters & brothers in today’s @Telegraph,” it said. “Thank you. Together we will defeat the twin evils of antisemitism & anti-Muslim hate”– The Board of Deputies of British Jews:

“Lewis simply cannot deal with the diversity of Muslim, much less human life, because it is closed to him as something foreign, radically different, and other” — Edward Said:

Of European countries, “Britain alone … forged a relationship with Muslims built on trade, the rule of law, mutual respect and an exchange of ideas and cultures. … Queen Elizabeth I … did more than anyone to cultivate this relationship”:

“The complaint alleges that the bagged meals given to prisoners have less than half the calories that DOC says inmates should be given in a day”:

“Wake up, Daddy!” the young boy kept calling out to his father, a drummer killed by a Saudi air-strike at a traditional Yemeni wedding celebration at which he was entertaining until the attack killed the performer and his two brothers; the boys mother went into labor on hearing the news:

In breaking the Iran agreement Trump pushes Europe and Iran closer while strengthening the Iranian hardliners:






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